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Protecting the Vulnerable During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Part 1 of 2

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Worries and fears are in the hearts of everyone during this time of unease. This is especially the case for medically vulnerable populations who tend to carry these emotional burdens significantly more than healthy individuals. Older adults (those 70-plus years of age) and people who have underlying medical conditions such as a non-severe lung condition, heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, as well as those with a weakened immune system or are very obese are assumed to be at moderate risk for becoming seriously ill if infected by the coronavirus. Older adults with health conditions who are not leaving their homes at all right now may feel lonely, especially if their daily routine included regular interactions with family, friends or care providers. I'd like to share some simple ways you can help ease their concerns and raise their spirits during this time. Check in with them frequently by phone or even better, by video. National governments have posted public health protection measures and assistance information on their websites to help their citizens cope with this crisis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, a US government agency, provides practical advice to those with an underlying medical condition to follow during the pandemic. Here is an abbreviated list of recommendations for such persons from the CDC website. * Continue your medicines and do not change your treatment plan without talking to your doctor. * Have at least a 30-day supply of prescription and non-prescription medicines. * Do not delay getting emergency care for your underlying condition because of COVID-19. * Call your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about your underlying medical conditions or if you get sick and think you may have COVID-19. As long as the number of infected people and death toll is increasing worldwide, we all have the responsibility to take necessary precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks and practicing personal hygiene. Our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai also reminds us of the importance of safeguarding ourselves from COVID-19. All of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s tips for protection during the COVID-19 (and any other) pandemic are free for viewing and download at
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