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Keep Cool: Effective Ways to Manage Stress

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Stress is a part of life. If you feel that you are troubled by chronic stress, there are several strategies to help you reduce and manage stress. Removing the root cause is a straightforward strategy to manage stress. If the news regarding an election makes you nervous and uptight, limit your time spent watching related news; if moving is the origin of the stress, comprehensively evaluate your situation again to see whether moving is really necessary.

Negative thoughts could intensify the stress and make things worse. Cognitive reframing is a powerful psychological technique that helps people to relieve pressure by changing their mindset to look at the bright side in a stressful situation. If you feel like others are asking too much of you or are exhausted by excessive obligations, perhaps it’s time to set boundaries with others to remove some sources of stress.

When you are dealing with prolonged stress, self-health management is vital. Here are some self-care tips that can assist you in managing stress:

Exercise is a very effective stress reliever as it has a wide range of health benefits. Any type or duration of exercise is helpful. Adequate sleep also contributes to keeping your stress at bay. In addition, it makes you less sensitive to stress-triggering catalysts.

A healthy vegan diet also lowers your stress level. When we are stressed, our bodies produce higher levels of cortisol – the primary stress hormone. A single meal containing animal products may double the cortisol level in your blood. By contrast, a vegan diet helps keep cortisol levels down.

Connecting with people in person is an excellent stressbuster. Hugging and holding hands releases oxytocin in our brains, which lowers cortisol levels and promotes feelings of bonding, empathy, and trust. Hence, we feel less stressed.

Finally, laughter can cool down your stress response, ease your stress symptoms by enhancing circulation and relaxing muscles, and improve your mood to deal with tough and stressful situations.

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