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Having Fun and Staying Healthy by Surfing, Part 1 of 2

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In Peru approximately 2000 years ago, the Peruvians built reed grass boats called totora horses (caballos de totora). These traditional surf craft are still made today from the local totora reeds and are popular among tourists and surfers alike. Surfing also has a rich history in ancient Hawaii, where riding waves was once reserved as a cultural ritual for chiefs and the upper social hierarchy of the villages and was also used as a peaceful way to resolve conflict. He discovered that there was a surfing culture in ancient China from its first appearance in the glory days of the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

The art of surfing is now enjoyed worldwide. With the evolution of the wetsuit, all oceans from the equator to Antarctica can now be surfed in comfort. Water has always offered a cleansing experience, and saltwater is also rich in minerals dispersed by ocean plants, rocks and other sources.

A state of being connected with the ocean’s mystical energy has been described by many surfers as a feeling of emotional cleansing when they are in the sea. "It’s just an incredible feeling. And when you’re actually, surfing the wave, I think it’s like a meditation. You are just one with the wave. Like you’re so focused, but then at the same time, you’re really at ease." "It teaches you to be calm, and the ocean is a powerful, powerful, powerful place." This attitude of learning to relax in turbulent situations becomes ingrained in one’s way of life, and surfers are renowned for their laid back and relaxed attitude.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has explained about the beneficial spiritual merit points that individuals accumulate from exposure to the sun. "If they are vegan and they don’t even practice meditation – they’re just vegan because of compassion – and they sit in the sun on the beach – and they sit in the sun on the beach – you know, people go “beaching” (Yes.) in summer? – even they sit in the sun to bathe, sunbathing, they get 6 million points per hour, okay? Now, if people are non-vegetarian even, and sunbathe in the sun, for example, on the beach or on a balcony, they get even 100,000 points per hour, just for sitting under the sun, yes."

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