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Running for Good – The ‘Queen of Extreme’ Fiona Oakes (vegan), Part 5 of 5

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Welcome to the final episode of “Running for Good – ‘Queen of the Extreme’ Fiona Oakes.” In the feature-length documentary by award-winning filmmaker Keegan Kuhn, Running for Good, Fiona talks about the driving force behind her dedication: “I've been very strong, but I’m very, very sensitive. I abhor cruelty to humans and animals alike. I don't think that in the 21st century especially, people should be suffering, and I certainly don't think animals should be suffering at people's hands. I can’t turn a blind eye. It’s not in me to do that.” The reality is clear, whether it’ll be SARS, MERS, Covid-19, Nipah, Ebola, Swine Fever, Avian Flu, they are all caused by eating animals. Whether those animals be factory-farmed, it makes no difference. Since all coronaviruses are caused by transferal from non-human to human animals, then surely now is the time to consider adopting a global vegan policy, which would be the most effective way of preventing future incidences. We may develop a vaccine for this particular strain, but what if it mutates, or another one comes along, which, given our history, seems more than likely. It may be argued you cannot tell people what to eat, but they are now being told to stay incarcerated in their homes, isolated, and feeling helpless and frightened. Surely, being vegan and ending this type of disaster is a choice they should be made more aware of and allowed to consider as a very real and viable option to protect themselves and each other from this happening again. In Her recent “Urgent Message to World Leaders,” Supreme Master Ching Hai points to the same solution and lays out a roadmap to a peaceable future: “You know well by now, by the UN’s warning, by scientific research report, we know that the meat, fish, eggs, milk, laboratory tests on animals, leather industry; ANYTHING TO DO WITH HURTING ANIMALS, domestic or wild, ARE DETRIMENTAL TO OUR WORLD. We talk about all kinds of climate reduction, or reducing air pollution BUT animal raising, fish, egg, milk industries, etc., anything to do with animals, are the worst producers of lethal methane gas which heats up our planet. So, stopping these brutal, murderous businesses is the fastest way to cool our Earth.”
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