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A Prayer for Compassion: An Interview with Filmmaker Thomas Wade Jackson (vegan), Part 4 of 4

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This fascinating film traces Mr. Jackson’s visits with various religious and spiritual leaders about the most important principles they all have in common. The result was that he discovered all traditions are in alignment with the vegan lifestyle. He shared with us about his own unique spiritual journey of inner awakening. “Oh, I’ll tell you how Jesus freed me too. He freed me by, when He talked about the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. That gave me permission to realize words are going to be misinterpreted, that we really need to go with what’s the moment. And I didn’t have words for that either at the time, but through meditation, I’ve come to understand what He was trying to teach, which was, ‘Don’t go blindly.’ Because people will try to control you. And He really taught a lot about ‘Fear not, fear not, fear not.’ Jesus understood that when you’re in fear, you’re out of love; when you’re in fear, you can be controlled; when you’re in fear, you make bad choices, and you do things you wouldn’t normally do if you were in alignment with your compassionate true nature. And meditation is one of the best ways to do that, the best way is to learn to be present. No matter what’s coming at you, just be here. And being a dad teaches you a lot about that too. That changed my life as well. Children are just so present and honest. I’d say that she (my daughter) has been my most big spiritual lesson.” “My main message is, the challenge I’m presenting is not just for non-vegans. It’s for vegans; it’s for anybody. I think all of us need to embrace taking care of ourselves, having self-compassion, having self-love. Because honestly, the way I’m able to sit and send love to somebody who’s disagreeing with me and really feel it, is because I’ve learned to love myself, learned to accept myself, to be vulnerable. You have to learn these things. Meditation helps us discern. That’s why when you hear a verse, that may… ‘Oh!’ Go and take it within, meditate on it. I want everybody to meditate, and ask, ‘What can I do to make a better world?’ And then when you get the answer, move in that direction. Don’t wait for all the stuff to come to you. I just knew I had to move, and then the universe will meet you and give you the things you need. Please be courageous. Please realize this: If you are living a vegan lifestyle, you are a hero, not only to me, but to all of creation. And that’s brave, and courageous. And so honor yourself, know that you’re brave and courageous. Know that you don’t have to solve it all. You don’t have to fix it all in a day. The universe works through all of us.”
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