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An Inspiring Tale of Love for Others: Sister Trish Franklin

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Known as Miss Trish to thousands, she was born in Australia, and decided at the age of 18 to devote her life to the work of God. Thus, her journey as an ordained nun of the Loreto Sisters began in 1970. Over the years, Sister Trish has dedicated her time to meeting the needs of the downtrodden.

In an interview with the Australian newspaper, The Age, she said, “I taught in various Loreto schools in Australia for 15 years… I had been teaching in rich schools all my life. But I had a deep desire, I don't know how to explain it, not so much to work with the poor, as just to be with them. I worked in a poor area in Ballarat in the late-'70s and felt they were my happiest years in teaching. I would have been happy to be among the poor anywhere, to be honest.”

In 1985, Sister Trish’s dream came true when she was sent to Thailand to work in the refugee camps with residents who were mainly Aulacese (Vietnamese). Later on, it was suggested by the provincial head of the Loreto Order that Sister Trish go to Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and open a nongovernmental organization (NGO) there.

In 1997, Sister Trish opened the registered NGO called “Loreto Vietnam Australia Program.” Within 7 years of its creation, this organization was successfully running 8 projects, all benefiting children in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). Its mission statement is: “Loreto Vietnam exists to empower disadvantaged children and communities in Vietnam through the provision of inclusive and equitable education.”

Anyone interacting with Sister Trish can see how much love is in her heart. She found bliss in serving youth and realized how they benefited from Loreto Vietnam’s work. The nun and her team faced challenges in their work; however, they never lost hope as they just dealt with compassionate devotion and perseverance. She is a true beacon of light who walks humbly among her fellow man and child.
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