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A Prayer for Compassion: An Interview with Filmmaker Thomas Wade Jackson (vegan), Part 2 of 4

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Today, Mr. Jackson continues sharing his thoughts on how each individual’s own peace can create harmony on Earth, and how this can be achieved through the vegan diet. “Everybody’s vegan at heart; everybody’s true nature is compassion. I believe that most of the unnecessary suffering on this planet is caused by that out-of-alignment. As I was making this film, I’m meeting so many people that have healed their lives by changing their diet, that have healed their illnesses, their depressions. Within the first month, they start feeling physically better, and some people lose medicines and stuff along the way. But within a year, their heart softens, they become more connected.” “So, I think, the first thing you can do for the environment, to align yourself to your true compassionate nature, is to make sure you take the violence out of your diet. I believe the change is coming whether everybody consciously goes vegan or not, because the experience I’ve had with people, their heart softening from taking violence out of their diet, is about to happen on a wide scale. One thing you can do is be vegan. The other thing you can do, if you’re already vegan, is really work hard to find compassion over judgment. The other thing you can do as an activist, whatever you’re advocating for, is not judge people, have compassion, but know your information. Watch the documentaries, read the books, know what it is.” “One thing is I want the film to affect parents. When my daughter was born, I felt like my heart exploded. I felt, I didn’t know you could love like that. I didn’t know you could care like that. I didn’t know, you would feel like you would give your anything to take care of this child. So I really implore parents to really mirror these compassionate choices for their children. It’s so important that we teach our children to be compassionate. And because they naturally are. I’ve met so many people that went vegan for their children. There’s so many amazing vegan activists out there that are children. And I love them all.”
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