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Dr. Eszter Gloviczki - Serving Others with a Beautiful Soul, Part 1 of 2

Language:English,Hungarian (magyar)
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Today, we are honored to share the remarkable work that Dr. Eszter Gloviczki is doing to assist those suffering due to the war in Ukraine. Dr. Gloviczki and her husband have opened up their house in Hungary to accommodate persons needing food and shelter. In addition to assisting each family and individual that comes to stay at her home, she is involved in setting up medical care and organizing the purchases of ambulances for the people of Ukraine. During her meaningful service to others, there have been many times when help, food, and medical equipment have arrived in ways that have felt like miraculous blessings.

It all began when a large Facebook group, “Help for Ukraine,” was formed, consisting of approximately 140,000 Hungarians. Dr. Gloviczki joined the group, and since then, she and her family have opened their home to people who have been affected by the war.

When Dr. Gloviczki and her family started taking refugees into their home, they did not know how they would provide for those they opened their door to. “And we didn't have that much food at home, far from it. And then I posted in the night to this group asking for help, that we needed food. And 57 minutes later, I'm not joking, really, I recorded it also on the internet: on our terrace - the door is open - there were bags of bread and fruit and drink and everything. So that's how it all started, and then we just kept growing.”

One facet of the medical work that Dr. Gloviczki is involved in has been organizing other healthcare professionals to treat displaced Ukrainian people. “And I posted in a Facebook group asking if any doctors would like to join us to do 2-3 hours of service every second day. And 16 people joined overnight, an old cardiologist, internist, a head physician from an elite hospital, and a head of the emergency department of a huge hospital in the countryside. I have a job in the meantime; I'm a resident, I work, but I'm sure I'll be able to continue this until the end of the war. And I'm happy to continue, and I see that it gives a lot.”
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