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Excerpts from The Flower Ornament Scripture, Book 9 – Awakening by Light, Part 2 of 2



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In today’s show, we will share excerpts from book nine of The Flower Ornament Scripture entitled Awakening by Light, which is an expanding vision unfolding within the light from Buddha's feet. “Then the light beams passed ten billion worlds and illumined in all ten directions a hundred billion worlds, a trillion worlds, a hundred trillion worlds, a quadrillion worlds, a hundred quadrillion worlds, a quintillion worlds, a hundred quintillion worlds; in this way countless, unquantifiable, boundless, incomparable, uncountable, unaccountable, unthinkable, immeasurable, unspeakable numbers of worlds, to the utmost extent of the realm of space of the cosmos, in all ten directions, were likewise illumined. In all of those worlds were a hundred billion continents called Jambudvipa, and so on, including a hundred billion Heavens of the ultimate of form - everything in all those realms was clearly revealed. In each of the Jambudvipa continents the Buddha was seen sitting on a lotus bank lion throne surrounded by as many enlightening beings as atoms in ten Buddha-lands; and in each one, due to the spiritual force of the Buddha, a great enlightening being from each of the ten directions, each accompanied by as many enlightening beings as atoms in ten Buddha-lands, came to the Buddha; those great enlightening beings were called Manjushri, etc. , the lands they came from were called Golden, etc., and the Buddhas they served were called Immutable Knowledge, etc. Then the Manjushris in all those places, each in the presence of the Buddha in that place, all simultaneously spoke out, saying these verses: In one instant observing measureless eons Without going, coming, or dwelling, Thus comprehending the events of past, present, and future, Buddhas transcend expedients and fulfill ten powers. With incomparable good repute in all quarters, Forever out of trouble, always rejoicing, They go to all lands To explain such a teaching for all. For the benefit of beings, they supported the enlightened, Attaining a comparable result, according to their will; Readily acknowledging all truths, They reveal spiritual powers everywhere. From their first offerings to the enlightened their minds were flexible and patient; They entered deep meditative concentration and observed the nature of things. Exhorting all beings to aspire to enlightenment, Through this they speedily attained the unexcelled reward. Who seeks truth everywhere with undivided mind To cultivate virtues to full maturity, Eliminating all duality of being and nonbeing: Such people truly see the Buddha. Going to all lands in all directions, Expounding the sublime teaching for the welfare of the many, Abiding in reality without any wavering: Such people's virtues are the same as Buddha.”
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