Viacdielny seriál o starodávnych predpovediach o našej planéte

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 233 - Prophecies by the Great Italian Artist Leonardo da Vinci (vegetarian)

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“Of Selling Paradise: An infinite number of men will sell publicly and unhindered things of the very highest price, without leave from the Master of it; while it never was theirs nor in their power; and human justice will not prevent it.”

In today’s show we will continue our exploration of the prophecies from the brilliant mind of Leonardo Da Vinci (vegetarian). The esteemed writer pointed out the sins of the Church and its Friars.

Of Churches and the Habitations of Friars: Many will there be who will give up work and labor and poverty of life and goods, and will go to live among wealth in splendid buildings, declaring that this is the way to make themselves acceptable to God.”

We see that this prophecy has come true, with many people using the church in corrupt ways to gain wealth, instead of acting as servants of God.

“Excerpt from ‘The True Story Of The Vatican Girl: Kidnapping At The Vatican’ Documentary by Real Crime - Jul. 2, 2022: It became common knowledge that the Vatican had a business relationship with the Italian Mafia. The stories began to circulate, describing huge sums of criminal money being laundered by the Vatican Bank. In his June 1982 letter, Calvi threatened to expose the Vatican for using stolen gang money to finance a rising liberal Polish trade union ‘Solidarity.’ Twelve days later, Calvi was found dead in London’s Thames river.”

“Excerpt from ‘5 Dark Secrets about the Vatican’ Documentary by KUSH English - Jan. 8, 2022: According to a 1946 document from the Treasury Department, the Vatican may have both held and smuggled Nazi gold during World War II, despite being a neutral entity.”

Da Vinci also wrote: “Of Selling Paradise: An infinite number of men will sell publicly and unhindered things of the very highest price, without leave from the Master of it; while it never was theirs nor in their power; and human justice will not prevent it.”

Just as the Holy Bible teaches, God and Lord Jesus (during His life on Earth) were the Ones who can forgive sins. But the church has since claimed that they are able to forgive sins. Church-goers were induced to make financial contributions and make confession to the church to resolve their sins. Indulgences are written into the catechism of the Catholic Church who claim that as church representatives they can both reduce and completely wipe out the punishment that one undergoes for their sins. Historically indulgences even came with a receipt or letter of indulgence. It is no wonder the Catholic Church has over $30 billion in wealth. This profit can be easily seen. One of the most famous examples is the main building of the Vatican, the Saint Peter’s Basilica, which was mostly financed with indulgences.

“Excerpt from ‘5 Dark Secrets about the Vatican’ Documentary by KUSH English - Jan. 8, 2022: The Apostolic Penitentiary. Catholic priests have some extraordinary powers when it comes to granting absolution for committing crimes. This includes forgiving people for things like murder, or mass murders, and even genocide. That’s right. If you are a catholic and you killed the family next door, you can go to a priest and ask for forgiveness and he could forgive you. Not only that, but the priest could never tell the police.”

Under Prophecies, Da Vinci went on to write: “Of those men, who, the older they grow, the more avaricious they become, whereas, having but little time to stay, they should become more liberal: We see those who are regarded as being most experienced and judicious, when they least need a thing, seek and cherish it with most avidity.”

The Catholic Church representatives inflict suffering on innocent people through sexual abuse of toddlers, children, adults, and even forced abortions. Yet they use the law to protect themselves from worldly punishment, as they continue to try and gain more money and power.

The U.S. Roman Catholic Church recently lobbied for $1.4 billion of tax-payer funded money that was intended as aid for COVID-19. Of this money, they used millions of dollars to pay settlements due to sexual abuse cover-ups by clergy. The Vatican covers up wrongdoings in order to keep up outer appearances while continuing to attract followers and their financial contributions.

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has boldly spoken out against the horrendous crimes that have been committed.

And here, supposed to be holy priests taking their donations and living lavishly themselves. (Yes, Master.) Doing not much. (Right.) If not doing harm, then doing not much. (Yes.) So, this system is against God, against religion of any kind; against Christ, against the Buddhas; against anything that is good and decent. (Yes, Master.)

They go into peoples’ houses, stealing their food, stealing their land, robbing them of their freedom and even raping and murdering their children. Oh, God. Sickening. Sickening group of people. (Yes, Master.) No wonder Heaven wants to destroy this planet. And hell is waiting to roast them.

Now you know. (Yes, Master.) That’s it. I wanted to say that.

Almost the whole world does nothing. (Yes, Master.) Citing that the Vatican has sovereign immunity. Oh my God. I’m telling you. This is all bs. This is all cowardice and evil. (Yes, Master.)

The governments are siding with the powerful, with the Church, with the priests, the bad and rotten, evil priests, instead of protecting the citizens, while they’re taking their tax money, to have privilege, to have prestige, to have richness, and security. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I told you they’re cowards, they’re rotten. These governments, they’re all rotten.”

Da Vinci’s writings seem to warn that if those followers knew about the true face of the church, they would be terrified.

“Of the Avaricious: There will be many who will eagerly and with great care and solicitude follow up a thing, which, if they only knew its malignity, would always terrify them.”

Many people claim that the Pope is the antichrist, with much evidence for this.

“Excerpt from the documentary ‘Vatican cross crushes man to death’ by NicholasPOGM - Narrator: Many years ago, I did a study on John Paul II’s use of the bent crucifix and I’m sure you’ve all seen it. He carried it with him everywhere he went. In my research, I discovered back then that the artist for the cross was actually a Satanist and he named the piece of artwork ‘The Antichrist.’ And notice here what the Catholic Church actually said about the bent cross four years after John Paul II was carrying it: the bent crucifix is ‘a sinister symbol used by Satanists in the sixth century that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was a bent or broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made use of to represent the Biblical term “Mark of the Beast.” Yet, not only Pope Paul VI, but his successors, the two John Pauls, carried that object and held it up to be revered by crowds, who had not the slightest idea that it actually stood for the anti-Christ.’

This was back in 1981, John Paul II was still pope at that time. And the present pope, Pope Francis, a Jesuit, he carries that cross as well. Now, notice this picture, if you will. It’s a massive, 100-foot (~30-meter) tall bent cross and it was erected to honor John Paul II back in 2005. Now, check this picture out. Just two days before John Paul II is to be declared a saint, this statue falls and a man is crushed to death by this bent cross that was erected to honor John Paul II.”

“Excerpt from ‘Is The Pope Antichrist?’ Documentary by NicholasPOGM - May. 12, 2019: Revelation 13, verses 17 and 18 say, ‘The name of the beast or the number of his name is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.’ The prophecy states there’ll be a man at the head of this church and state entity that will have a name with a numeric value on it. That value will be 666.

All popes have the exact same title in the office of pope. What is the name they must carry together? The letters inscribed in the pope’s mitre are these: ‘VICARIUS FILII DEI.’ Which is the Latin for ‘VICAR OF THE SON OF GOD.’ The interesting thing about the Latin language is that it is both their Roman alphabet, as well as their Roman numeral system collectively. So, all one needs to do is spell the name the VICARIUS FILII DEI and then add it up.

So the letter V equals 5. I, of course, equals 1. We’ve all heard the old-fashioned saying of a C-note, which is 100. And so, if you just take the name that carries VICARIUS FILII DEI, which is the main title for the office of pope, that means Vicar of the Son of God. And the word ‘vicar’ actually means ‘replacement.’ But it equals 666. But it doesn’t end there. So does DVX CLERI, which means Captain of the Clergy, that equals 666. LUDOVICVS, which means the Vicar of the Court – 666. I Protera (tenth ‘first of two’), Lateinos (the Latin speaking man), HE LATINE BASILEIA (The Latin kingdom)… I mean, it just keeps going on and on. All these titles for the office of pope equal 666.”


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