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Selections from Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya’s Hymns – "Shivananda Lahari," Part 2 of 2



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“So take it under your control, And show mercy on this innocent one. Perform of I your worship, And you appear before me soon, And you become granter all pleasures to me, Oh Lord, who is everywhere. But if you grant the position of creator, Or the position of Lord Vishnu instead, As a reward for my worship, Then I would have to become a bird and fly in the sky, Or become an animal and dig deep in the earth, To see you again my Lord. How can I bear this sorrow of not seeing you, Oh Lord Sankara, who is everywhere. When would I live on Mount Kailash, Along with your attendants, In the stone studded golden mansion of yours, Oh God, who is the giver of happiness With hands raised and clasped, In deference to you, Oh Lord, who is everywhere, Oh Lord, who is with Goddess, Oh God, who is the master, Oh God, who is above all, Oh God, who is good, And chant with pleasure. ‘Oh God, save me,’ And spend the time, As if the creator’s kalpa is a second. When will I see thine holy pair of feet, Oh king of the mountains, And be able to hold it, carry it on the head, eyes and chest, Embrace it, smell the scent of lotus flowers from it, And attain rapturous ecstasy, Which even Brahma and others do not get.” “I offer devotions to thine lotus-like feet, I meditate on thee who is the greatest, I seek thy refuge, Oh my Lord, And by my words I beg from you, Oh Vibhu, To bless me with the merciful divine sight, Which is always sought by the Gods. Oh teacher of the universe, Teach me the way of happy living.” “Oh God, who wears the young crescent, Oh God of all beings, Oh God, who is the Lord of us all, And Oh God, who is teacher of all the Three Worlds, If only I had all these, I would have ability to serve you in a better way.”
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