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Buddhist Stories: Wish-Fulfilling Jewels, Part 5 of 10 Aug. 13, 2015

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Then he came up to his father and said, "Respected Father, just now I went out into the suburban areas, into the rural areas, and I saw that our citizens, because for survival, are doing many things that are karmically heavy. After they die definitely they will fall into the Three Evil Paths." "Please, can you give me one of our stores of food so that I can go and give it to them." After a while of charity, many of the stores in his house had gone down. And then Great Charity thought to himself, "So, what can I do now so that I can continue to give to the citizens so that they are happy and contented?" "OK, maybe I'll go deep into the sea to find precious stones. That should be the best." And then 500 people liked to come with him. They were just walking and then the robbers came and took everything. They came to a citadel, a city, called Supara city. In this city, there was a noble person, a rich person. His name was Kapali. He had one daughter, very, very beautiful. Now, the Great Charity man came in front of the city wall, in front of the house, and knocked at the door and wanted to borrow some money. She came in and told her father, "Ba! Outside, there's a person knocking at the door. He's my husband!" And, of course, the noble rich man was so happy. Everything that he lost, he replenished them all.
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