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The Hardworking and Benevolent Prince, Part 2 of 3 Oct. 23-25, 1994 Hsihu, Formosa

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I feel that their Princess and Prince truly love their people! Because being Prince and Princess, they should not go on foot to places so remote and poor. Some of the paths are very difficult to walk, and not safe either. They do not do it for fame or material gain, which they have enough already. The next election is five years away and they have begun to look after their people. He does not bring company with him every time. No. He truly does it for the people. Both of them are very, very good. I hope that he will be the Prime Minister of Cambodia forever. It will definitely do Cambodia good. He is the Prince, but he wears jeans to visit the people. And the Princess also wears ordinary clothes, nothing special. Here they are digging a well for the people. He asked UNICEF, a department of the United Nations, to dig some wells for them. There are several wells in the village. The water is very clean, 320 units. Over there it only costs about one thousand US dollars to dig a well. So they have dug three or four wells, and now they have clean water. 
Whatever work we do, put our heart into it. Be responsible like the Prince of Cambodia. He is the Prime Minister now. He is also like the King of the country. He is also the Prince. He is really responsible. His wife is also like that, trying her best to help the people, serve the country. In this way, it is also a way of spiritual practice. Besides finding our wisdom inside, we have to fulfill our responsibilities clearly outside. Because if we do our work well, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will be touched also.
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