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Veganism: The Noble Way of Living

It's Trendy, It's Delicious! Let's Celebrate Lunar New Year with Vegan Delicacies! Part 1 of 2

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“New Year is the time of celebration and reunion, of generosity, reconciliation and forgiveness. We join billions of people around the globe in joy and thanks, that life on Earth still offers most of her inhabitants much beauty and comfort. We pray for the less fortunate and wish all beings many good years to come. May Heaven grace all with love and wisdom: to walk the right path, to make the right choice. To continue in all that is good, merciful, loving and harmonious. May all renew strength and courage to start the New Year with determination to walk the noble way, to pursue the noble purpose, thus bringing Heaven to Earth with everlasting peace for all beings to enjoy. Wishing you an abundant, lucky New Year with much love and happiness.”

Lunar New Year is considered the single most important traditional holiday of the year in Asia, and it is celebrated with enthusiasm in many countries, such as China, Taiwan, also known as Formosa, Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Tibet, Indonesia, and among Asian communities settled in many countries around the globe.

Traditionally in some cultures it is believed, that abstaining from killing animals for food in the New Year will bring good luck throughout the coming year. In more recent years, as more responsible global citizens, people have been shifting their eating habits towards more plant-based foods. Supporting both their health and environmental care. It has even become trendy to go out to restaurants for vegan New Year feasts. Besides preparing at home, there are plethora of ready-to-order vegan New Year cuisine options served by vegan outlets. Whether you are aspiring vegetarians or seasoned vegans, these delicious plant-based choices give you alternatives to prepare the important New Year Eve reunion soiree in a quick and easy way.

With great excitement, we are about to take our loving viewers to a few different countries to share their New Year celebrations. Our first stop Taiwan, also known as Formosa, is perhaps the most famous vegan paradise in this regard. Let’s go visit my good friend Jia-Kang, and check out what he and his family are planning to do on New Year.

“The kids said they wanted to do something different this year. They will order some new-year dishes through the internet. So we don’t need to cook.” “This restaurant uses non-GMO, organic and local ingredients, so the dishes are not only tasty, but also healthy. We can enjoy them with peace of mind.” Fortune-and-Peace Reunion (Hot pot with mixed vegetables); Auspicious Dragon Foresees World Peace (Arahant's veggie delights); Voice of Phoenix Brings Houseful of Luck (Vegan combo platter); Good Fortune and Good Luck (Steamed rice cake with radish); Longevity with Peace and Health (Buddha’s vegan casserole); New Year Bliss and Sweetness (Vegan pineapple tart).

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