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Buddhist Stories: “A Certain Brahmin” & “There Is No Fire Like Lust” (Part 4 of 4) Sept. 23, 2015

Lecture Language:English
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(Master, yesterday afternoon when I was doing Quan Yin, I heard like a church bell about six or seven times like that. And I thought it was the Master’s chanting. Then suddenly I remembered a sister, when I arrived here, she had shown me the rules here. There is no music and no Master’s chanting is allowed here. Then I, at the moment, I realized, it shouldn’t be Master’s chanting. Then I was just thinking “perhaps this is the inner experience of mine.” Then at the moment, I was thinking about that.) It stopped. (Gradually the sound became weaker and weaker.) The mind came in. (And finally, it was gone. But then, something that I would like to ask Master.) Ask me. (How to maintain the sound so that it can stay longer with me?) Concentrate. Don’t think. (Is that because when I realized this was my inner experience, then it’s gone?) Yes. The mind. Because when we realize, that is the analytical mind, it’s not the soul anymore. (But it’s just automatically.) I know, I know. That’s the problem. (I didn’t…) Problem, problem. We have this, therefore we can survive here. But it’s a trouble maker. Without the mind, we also cannot live here. Without the brain and all that, we cannot understand, we cannot absorb the worldly knowledge. But it’s a troublemaker. Oh, OK. Just concentrate more. And if you think, then don’t think again. What else can I do? (It just happened that way, Master.) I know that. Just karma made it that way. So bear it. It’ll come again, don’t worry. It’ll come around again. (Thank you, Master.) You’re welcome. It’s not so bad. Some people stay at home, they meditate before they sleep. And then they lay down, so then normally the whole night should be like meditated state. But then their husband kicks them and they get off. Or their wife snores, something like that. It happens all the time. If not, then it’s your mind that makes trouble. I also have trouble. OK. Even nowadays, sometimes I have to receive some sms from Heaven, from Ihôs Kư. Because sometimes, if it’s a normal problem then we can solve it right away. But if it’s something deeper and it comes from the Original Universe, it takes some time to come down to answer me. Two, three days, sometimes a week or two even. And when it comes it’s like you’re receiving a fax. They don’t always bother me every day. Sometimes I also get a little mad. I say, “Why? Why do you make it so difficult like that?” No, it’s not them, it’s my mind. In this world, it’s different from the other levels. It takes long time for me to be able to transfer it into English language for my mind to understand and for my body to know what to do.
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