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Between Master and Disciples / Buddhist Stories

Buddhist Stories: “A Certain Monk,” Part 6 of 6, Sept. 28-29, 2015

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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(When Master was 10 years old, I was just born. My mother gave birth to me at home, while my Dad was in jail. My mother just gave birth to me and had a very difficult time. She got a disorder that no one could treat. My Sister knew my father could treat my mother’s condition. So my Sister, your Master, said, “Let Me go then, I will try.” You know, nine years old is very young. It was a long distance, and the war was going on. It was a very backward time, not as civilized as it is now. There wasn’t any means of transportation. I don’t know how Master did it but She finally got to where my father was imprisoned. She went to the prison and asked to see the warden. The warden asked my Sister, “What are you doing here?” She said, “Respected sir, My mother just gave birth to My little sister, and she is now very ill. No one but My father can treat My mother’s condition.” Master cried a lot to the warden and waited all afternoon until he felt pity for such a small Girl, so lovable and so affectionate. So after much consideration, he agreed to let Master’s father go home to treat Her mother. Before he left, the warden told Master’s father: “Do you know why I let you go home? It’s because I am moved by your Daughter.” “But when you go home, you must remember to name your newborn daughter after me, in remembrance of me.”) (This story is when Master was 13 or 14. My father got a serious health challenge, they called it nasal hemorrhage. My Mom and my Sister took my Dad to a major hospital to treat him. I was told that every evening my Sister would do the cleaning in that hospital such as emptying potties and helping the patients who had no relatives. Every evening after helping the hospital and patients, She would run to the radio station to sing. The doctors enjoyed it so much. And finally they could treat my father. They put him in a special room, not the one outside like other patients. They continued to keep him there until he recovered.)
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