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Near-Death Experiences – Exploring Heavens and the Afterlife, Part 5 of a Multi-part Series

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Margarita Faray Torres began to feel weak and fell to the ground with a terrible headache on November 4, 2000. Margarita spent the next six weeks in the hospital on the verge of death. During this time, her soul traveled to various locations across Earth and Heavenly Abodes. However, Margarita’s soul experiences do not end there. In September 2020, nine months after being discharged from the hospital, she was visited by a man in her dream: I was sent to speak to you. You have to say that there are three years left, and no more, said the man. But three more years for what? Margarita asked him. I don’t know, he said. I don’t know, but that is what you have to say, that there are three years left and no more.

Three years from that date would be September 2023. What will happen during 2023? Maybe we can gain insights from another Near-Death Experience that occurred in 2022 by a man from the Ivory Coast.

Oliver operated a small warehouse business, and on February 20, 2022, the warehouse was destroyed by a fire. Upon receiving the news, he went into a state of shock, and his heart stopped. Oliver’s soul then left his body. He could see the scene from above, as his wife was frantically praying over him, and his children were trying to wake him up. Oliver then saw himself on top of a gigantic mountain, and an angelic winged Being flew up to greet him, saying; “Peace be unto you. Your Lord, your God, has sent me to you.”

The winged Angelic Being told Oliver that he had come with a message directly from God, and only because of his loving wife’s prayers was he able to make it past the malevolent powers attempting to prevent its delivery. “And that’s when I realized that our prayers on Earth truly do work.” “According to him, God has decreed that only those who follow His Light will be blessed with health and prosperity in 2023. He said that people who have disobeyed the Lord and chosen to serve other gods will not be able to take advantage of this Blessing that has been promised.

Many near-death experiencers are returning from their soul journey with cautionary tales about future calamities if we do not immediately change our violent ways.

Jennifer Morris went into a coma in January of 2022 after complications with spinal surgery. Jennifer was then shown a vision of a catastrophe on Earth. “I think they are trying to get this message through, that we need to stop all these horrific things we do to each other. The crime. Just awful things we do as humans, even what we are thinking, we need to stop it. And we need to follow what is written in the Bible, what is wanted of us, and we really, at this point, need to take it to heart because a vast, enormous amount of the population could just disappear.” “We have to look inward. We have to stop all this discord. Just start listening to your heart and your instincts because this world can be saved. We can be saved.”

Is it possible that Jennifer Morris was shown the after-effects of the nuclear explosion to go off in 2023 predicted by the lady prophet Baba Vanga? Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) recently discussed this prediction on Her phone call with a member of the Supreme Master Television team titled, “Countries with Most Karma: Humans Must Pray for Forgiveness,” on January 31, 2023.

“(Baba Vanga, the lady prophet, predicted a solar tsunami and also a nuclear explosion will go off in 2023. The toxic clouds will be seen over Asia and the solar tsunami will fatally destroy the Earth’s magnetic field, causing blackouts and communication failures.) I did read about that. Heaven told me it will be in North Korea. Yeah. The explosion will be in North Korea.

So, if they even take my humble advice, I think I want to tell the North Korean leaders and the government there: Please don’t touch nuclear power. Don’t develop any nuclear tech. Because your people might not have enough talent, might not have enough knowledge, or technical advancement, to develop nuclear weapons. And it might cause an accident, and you’ll blow your own country up.

Just be vegan, repentant, make peace. Ask God for forgiveness."

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