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My Vegan Journey: Millennial Veganism with Paul Caldwell (vegan)

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Every new generation brings about new perspectives, and as such, the generation of the Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are ushering in a world transformed! The Millennials are intent on leaving a constructive footprint, and many have demonstrated this by consciously opting for a fully plant-based lifestyle.

Today, our featured guest is Mr. Paul Caldwell (vegan) from Ontario, Canada, a 35-year-old vegan electrician, who enjoys playing the piano, reading, working out, and meditating. His sister is also a vegan and was the catalyst for Mr. Caldwell’s discovery of the vegan world. Let’s hear him share his exciting journey transitioning to the vegan way of life – the lifestyle choice of peace for all beings.

“So, it’s, I think (the) movie called ‘Forks Over Knives,’ and the book, ‘The China Study.’ Because the book also, it has a section on a lot of different diseases that in North America are some of the leading causes of death and illness, and changing your diet actually positively affects that and kind of delays, stops, and reverses a lot of those illnesses and diseases.”

Mr. Caldwell describes the benefits he experienced after changing over to a plant-based diet. “When I went vegan and completely changed my diet, that’s when I did notice a bigger change. More energy after meals. I noticed inflammation went down. I wasn’t really getting soreness anywhere in my body, even after a workout.”

“I personally believe that everything is energy. The food that we put into our body is also energy. If we put in fruits and vegetables, those naturally vibrate at a higher frequency. So when we eat it, it brings us up. When you switch your diet, you just appreciate nature a little bit more.”

In closing, Mr. Caldwell had this to share with our global audience. “Feel good, do good, and be good. Make sure you raise the vibration of yourself and people around you.”
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