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Between Master and Disciples

Always Have Respect for the Master, Part 2 of 5, Dec. 20, 2017

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Even if we’ve smashed those controlling machines, destroyed them, the karma is still there. Humans’ karma and minds are not destroyed. It can’t be done so quickly. Then, once a person is born, he/she begins to create karma again. Everyone has a right to freedom but has no one to teach him/her. No one is there to teach them. Even though their parents and schools teach them, still…

Last time in Hong Kong, the fences were not as carefully built as in Kaohsiung. Here in Kaohsiung, they used nets. These green nets don’t look so good, but they prevent dog-people from climbing up. They cover the gaps in the fence. The dog-people cannot put their feet in the gaps. They cannot climb up. The fence is built safer and higher. I have two dog-people that are expert runners. They can run very far sometimes. Last time, the collar on the dog-person, the harness, was not tightened enough. She just shook it loose and ran off. My helper and I spent a long time looking for her. The assistant did not put it on properly.

I was not very safe in Hong Kong, either. So I could not go to see my dog-people every day. In the beginning we lived together, but due to the karmic influence there the place was no longer safe for me. Heaven told me to move quickly, so I stayed somewhere else. I asked Heaven when it was safe, when it was an auspicious day. When it was OK, I went to see them. I took a quick look and left. Sometimes, when I could not go, I had someone bring the dog-people to my place or a halfway point. Then I took her out for some fun in a natural environment and later sent her back. That day, she had just come. She was so happy, but her harness became loose and she ran off. She’s an expert runner – an expert in running away.

We had fences around our house in Hong Kong, but there were big gaps in the fence. So, she often went out. It was easy for her. Maybe there was a leaning tree inside the fence for her to climb and then jump out. When she came back, there was no such tree outside the fence, so she cried outside. We had to search for her. It was good that she knew to come back. That day, we took her to a new place. She might not have known the way home because it was far away. Or maybe she did. But how could we wait quietly? Ah! We searched the whole day and couldn’t find her. I almost fainted. A brother had brought the dog-people to visit with me. He brought two dog-people. One was a little boy, the son, the other was the mother. The mother loves running, she ran off many times.

He said, “Master, we have to go. The shop is closing and it’s getting dark. There’ll be no light. We have to go.” He had to work the next day. He’s a doctor and can’t neglect his work. But I was not familiar with the place, so I had to leave with him. Halfway home, I said, “No. I cannot just give up like this. I have to keep looking.” He said, “How can You do it in the dark? The place is so big. I don’t know how to search further. We’ve looked everywhere.” I said, “It’s alright. I’ll go where we parked the car and wait. Maybe she’ll come back.” And she did. She came back at midnight. She hung around there. I called out to her. Wow! She jumped up happily and ran over to me. We couldn’t wait to hug each other. Luckily, taxis were still running. It’s a busy place.

Dog-people are not allowed in every place, but they are allowed there, as many people bring their dog-people. That was why we were there. We had just parked the car. We wanted to go where there was more grass for her, but she got off the leash and ran off. Fortunately, she returned to that spot later. I had been communicating with her from inside. I said, “You’re a smart mom. Come back soon. What about your children? They’ll miss you!” Then she came back, though it was very late. Maybe because she was hungry. Hungry and thirsty. Since there was nothing to eat, she missed us. She came back looking for the car, to where we had parked the car. Oh! That dog-person is very smart. I don’t know where she went. We couldn’t find her. But she could find her way back. When I first saw her, I thought, “Really? Is it her? Impossible. I wanted her to come back and there she is? It’s like a dream!” I was watching from higher up and she seemed smaller and shorter. I said, “Is it my dog-person? How come it’s so small and short?” I called her name and she barked and ran toward us. I had a hard time that day waiting by the roadside. Everybody in the area had left, I was there alone with a shop owner and his staff busy closing the shop. A few people. He saw me taking my dog-person away, walking and stumbling along. I was exhausted after running around the whole day and I was tense. He saw that I could barely get the dog-person to move, so he came to help. He helped me take the dog-person to a taxi, and then we went home.

That’s why we’re so afraid that the dog-people might run away, so wherever we go, I first ask for a fence to be built. If she goes out, she may come back. But there’re other dog-people outside. She doesn’t like them. They might bark at her or bite her. Or someone might like her too much and take her away. Strange. Not only our initiates like my dog-people but people outside like them too. Anyone who sees my dog-people wants them. They are brash about it. They just ask directly, “How much?” Understand? How much is my dog-person? I say, “What do you mean? We do not sell dog-people here.” “I can pay! Can you sell her to me?” I say, “No. Go find one yourself.” It’s the same in the US. Take Goody for example. He’s not a rare breed that is hard to find. Anyone can get one. There are many for adoption. But people don’t want that. They always ask for my dog-person. It’s the same in the US. When I was in Europe, because I lived somewhere else, I’d bring the whole family to SMC (Saint Martin Center) for group meditation. I took the dog-people with me. On the freeway, everybody who saw my dog-people would say, “Ah! Baby! Baby! Can you give them to me? Can you sell them to me?” And so on and so forth. Every country I go to, if I stop, anyone who sees my dog-people would ask for them. A man walking two dog-people already asked for another one from me. I said, “no.” It’s really troublesome. People want even my dog-people.

They are already taking everything from me. All my assistants are nearly gone. The talented ones, good ones, better ones, skillful and better-looking ones are all gone. Now they even ask for my dog-people. It’s really not fair. Last week, or a couple of weeks ago, I lost our best film editor. The boy was lured away to Hong Kong. I already have too few people. Understand? I have very few helping hands. They’re always pulled away. The maya is really powerful. Even if we’ve smashed those controlling machines, destroyed them, the karma is still there. Humans’ karma and minds are not destroyed. It can’t be done so quickly. Then, once a person is born, he/she begins to create karma again. Everyone has a right to freedom but has no one to teach him/her. No one is there to teach them. Even though their parents and schools teach them, still…

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. My throat itches. The doctor here has prescribed medicine for me. He did. But I’m still not well. Today I’m going to see another doctor and ask him to bring me medicine quickly. Maybe he’ll come tomorrow only. It’s not serious. It’s just like this. Maybe I have a cold. I coughed a lot at night and now my throat hurts. My throat is sore from too much coughing. It hurts when you cough too much. If it hurts, you cough even more, and if you cough more, it hurts even more. Then it goes on and on like that. OK. Are you OK? So many people in such a small place. I’m worried. Are you OK? (Yes.) You’re so good to put up with this. But I tell you, you’re lucky. When I was in the Himalayas, there was no tent at all. I only carried a small bag with a set of Indian clothes. Very simple ones, like pajamas. A pair of trousers plus a very long top that covers the knees. That’s all. But I survived and came back. Even so, moving house is very inconvenient, right? I now find moving house truly inconvenient. Not to mention that you’ve come such a long way and cannot bring anything with you. Do you feel alright? (Yes.)

Who told you to come? No one, right? Did anyone tell you to come? Did anyone say that you have to come? (We have to come.) I mean, did anyone ask you to come, because I asked you to do this? (No.) No. You told yourselves to come. (We ourselves wanted to come.) You yourselves wanted to come. That’s strange. Why would you come and see an old woman? We’re not playacting here. Are you not fed up seeing me every day? You can see me on TV, too. Why do you need to come so far? Master on TV is a kind of transformation body. Transformation. Today people can be here talking and be heard in many places. It’s just like seeing the man himself, isn’t it? (Yes.) Maybe it will become more common. Then you can stay in Heilongjiang in China, or wherever, and see me… except we can’t touch.

We have strong magical power today. It’s truly powerful. We are becoming more advanced. Times are getting better and better. In the times of Chinese Emperor Qianlong, life was not as good, right? Walking was tough, and riding a horse carriage was painful. Clatter, clatter! It was uncomfortable! Riding a horse carriage was already good, right? Some people had to walk. Like Xuanzang. Master Xuanzang had to walk long distances. Sometimes he could ride a horse, but riding a horse for a long time was also very tiring. After some time, he still had to get down and lead the horse. The horse would also be tired. It hurts to sit on a horse for a long time. Do you know that? It’s not as beautiful as it looks. In movies, we see an actor ride a horse elegantly. No, it’s not. Riding a horse hurts. I’ve ridden before and I know it’s not that comfortable. Still, it looks so beautiful, right? Have you ever seen it in movies? It looks… wow, so beautiful. Then we think how nice it would be if we could ride as well, how nice it would be to ride a horse. No. It’s only an illusion. After riding for a while, you’ll be sore all over, I tell you. You’ll get used to it after riding for a long time. But it won’t last long. Some men say that they’ll lose their power after riding for too long. The rider will lose his male power. Just a hearsay. I don’t know. I’m not a male.

I once stayed at some place in America, where each house has a boat. Residents use their boats either for fishing or for fun. Or for shopping. Or just sailing around. Some boats are big and some small. When you look outside from your house, oh, those boats are beautiful! Motorboats. I would imagine, too. I thought, “Wow, I should buy one.” Do you say a boat? A boat set? (A boat.) A boat? Even a small one would do. I thought even small ones look beautiful sailing around. Very happy and carefree. So, I fancied buying one for myself. A small boat that could accommodate four or five people. They are called 24. Perhaps 18? I forget. It refers to the length of the boat. I thought it would be easy and carefree, and I wouldn’t have to call a taxi each time or get stuck in traffic. The roads are often congested.

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