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My Vegan Journey: A Meaningful Choice for Millennials, Part 1 of 2

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A very informed group, when aware of the benefits for humans, animal-people, and nature, the Millennials tend to readily agree with and implement a vegan lifestyle! We are honored to introduce you to three members of the Millennial Generation who were vegetarians during their childhood, and shifted to veganism in their adult days. Allow us to present: Ms. Lena Hoening, Mr. Max Buemann, and Ms. Almira Tanner.

“I love animals and I personally think that knowing about their situation, one can no longer consume animal products.” “The reason that I find that violence subjected to animals in factory farms is simply pointless. In the world in which we now live, it is possible to live without animal suffering, and I do not want to help/support financing animal suffering by buying animal products.”

“In any case, everyone should try this out for themselves before making any decisions. We are all creatures of habit. You just have to try it out, try it out for a while. And then it's not as complicated as you might have imagined it at first.”

“A tip I would give to others, is, ‘you have to be sure why you want to be vegan.’ For me it was the animal suffering, and if you watch such documentaries, like Dominion - I think it's a really cool documentary - and see how these animals are suffering, then the question is actually no longer, whether you somehow want to go vegan or maybe not, but you actually have almost no other choice, if you just really realize what happens to the animals; and that’s what motivated me back then to become completely vegan.”

Scientists have observed that our bodies undergo a cycle of 21 days to make adjustments toward healthy lasting results. Why not optimize that interval to monitor the physical changes we experience, to explore the myriads of recipes, activities, and initiatives that are abound in the vegan world? We can also build a community by engaging with similarly-minded folks as our vegan millennial friends recommended.
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