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Food Crops at Risk of Extinction Due to Global Warming, Part 2 of 2

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GHG emissions fuel climate change, which in turn causes extreme weather events and droughts to become more frequent and intense. These intense conditions are causing agricultural challenges for farmers, affecting food trade markets, and producing food scarcity crises. Many climate scientists are raising the alarm that due to climate change many food items may someday be literally wiped off of Planet Earth!

Dr. Aditi Mukherji commented on the probability of extreme events by saying, “Heat waves, followed by drought-like conditions due to late arrival of monsoons, have impacted two main crops, wheat in the previous season, and now rice.”

In 2019 a team of scientists from Stanford University in the US conducted a study about rice agriculture. Their evaluation method combined upcoming climate conditions and arsenic-induced stresses found in soil. Their results predicted that “rice yields could decline about 40 percent by 2100.”

We’ll conclude today’s show with some advice from our Most Cherished Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), on how to put an end to industrial animal-people livestock operations and thus help to halt the emission of GHGs that fuel climate change. “We must help provide the government with information about the true cost of the animal-people diet. The government could spread campaigns about veg alternatives, bans on animal-people meat, and laws to help people switch to organic, vegan farming and consumption. I pray that the ones who are aware and want to save the children will do something about it, and fast, to stop this horrendous system that is killing us and destroying our planet, and that we must not allow any longer.”

“There will be less hunger because we will use the agriculture products, cereals, to feed humans instead of feeding more bred animal-people in the future. So we don’t have hunger anymore, and there will be no more war because of hunger. So the effect is immense.

Because the methane gas, it has been trapped all these centuries, because of stock breeding, into the lakes, into the permafrost, into the ocean, and now if it’s melting, then the gas will be released also. On top of that, we have daily more animal-people breeding, more methane gas, then we will never stop. We will just be in more and more trouble, deeper and deeper into trouble. So just stop killing animal-people, stop raising animal-people anymore.”
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