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Showing Gratitude for Master's Blessings During Strong Earthquakes in Taiwan (Formosa)

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Hallo, respected and Beloved Master and saints of the Supreme Master TV team, The Sun today looks very special. It seems to be wearing a crown of colorful clouds emanating from the top of it. I would like to share it with you. Since it was very timely, I just took the picture with my mobile phone. I pray that Master is safe and healthy. May all humankind wake up in time to change to the vegan diet, and peace be on Earth soon. Thank you, saints of the Supreme Master TV team!

Recently, there were strong earthquakes in Taiwan (Formosa), and I’d like to share a miraculous experience with everyone. At noon on September 15, after meditating on the (inner Heavenly) Light, I suddenly saw that the dining table and back door of my house were broken. I got up to check and found there was no sign of damage, so I went back to meditate on the (inner Heavenly) Sound. It was after the real earthquake had taken place that I realized that this was Master warning me about the imminent earthquake.

This experience reminded me of what happened last July. One day at noontime during my meditation, the inner Master came to tell me that She was coming to the temple square where I stayed to meditate and give Blessings. She told me to fence the square with a net, and then invite a few fellow initiates to meditate along the roadside. I did it accordingly. After everybody had sat down to meditate, Master’s transformation body flew directly into the square to meditate together with the fellow initiates. A short while later, Master told me to invite two fellow initiates aged 30-plus to come over. After blessing them, Master meditated again for a while and then flew away. Later, I found out that Master had come to meditate and give Blessings because the place was on a geological fault line, and thus She came to bless the place to protect initiates from possible danger. I wholeheartedly pray that the worldly people will quickly awaken and turn to the vegan lifestyle. With gratitude for Master’s immense Grace, Ming-Yu from Taiwan (Formosa)

Amiable Ming-Yu, Thank you for sharing such a glorious picture of the Heavenly Sun! Your experience reminds us that our Beloved Master’s loving care is so perfectly detailed that it goes beyond human comprehension. We, too, are deeply grateful for Her boundless assistance as we also pray for humanity to realize the blessing of the vegan diet. May the hearts of the diligent Taiwanese (Formosan) people be forever secure in the love of the Divine, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here is a wise message from Master: “Cheery Ming-Yu, Thank you for the Sun photo; it is really beautiful and special! God’s Love, as conveyed through the Master Power, seeks to ensure the security of all beings. However, due to the karmic laws of this world, spiritual merit can affect how much protection is allowed. The more you abide by the Five Precepts, meditate, and remember God, the more complete is your sanctuary in this lifetime, and thereafter. Continue with your sincere spiritual practice, my love. May you and pristine Taiwan (Formosa) always be bestowed with the purity and wisdom of the Universe.”

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