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Overcoming Obstacles: From “I Have Come to Take You Home” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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“Master is asked if there is a solution to end aggressiveness and violence and Master answers: ‘No, I don’t have it. You have! Everyone has this ability. If we stop killing animal-people, if we stop all violent acts, the world will become a paradise. It is not only my responsibility, it is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t you think? Because if a Master, any Master could do it, Jesus would have done it, Buddha would have done it a long time ago.’”

“When asked if there are such things as evil spirits, demon spirits, or Satan that possesses people, Master answers: ‘Yes, there are such things. But many of the evil spirits are within the hearts of the people. When we generate hatred, when we generate depressing and oppressive thoughts towards other people, we breed these unpleasant electrical and invisible currents into the air, into the atmosphere. They condense together and become a force that is frightening to reckon with for whomever happens to pass by or comes into contact with that environment, which is full of hatred, full of dark, oppressive force. So it is better that we always think good, do good, and talk good, think God, do God and talk God, and to realize God is even better.’”

“When asked if we can reduce our karma by praying, Master answers: ‘Yes, we can if we are sincere enough. Because a very sincere and deep prayer is a kind of meditation. We are in a meditative mood, therefore it reaches the deepest recesses of our grace, our merit, and our storehouse of blessings, and it has an effect - it cleans. Only when we are truly sincere and deeply longing for forgiveness, then it helps.’”

“In a lecture, a member of the audience asks Master to please explain what kind of karma it is for there to be dictators who caused wars that killed millions of people and made millions of others suffer. Our Most Gracious Master answers with: ‘That is the collective karma of humankind which, as I told you, is the by-product of the inter-relationship between humans and other beings in this world or other worlds. And those kinds of by-products became a kind of very forceful, strong energy hanging around our Earth’s atmosphere. And when it is too condensed, then it has to manifest into something visible, such as a very great dictator who kills millions, etc.’

‘If each one of us had led a life of virtue, keeping the Commandments and refraining from killing of any kind, including indirect killing, by keeping the VEGAN diet, then the world would never have bred these kinds of dictators in the first place. There are these terrible experiences to remind us of the virtuous way, and if we are not awakened yet, then these things will continue to remind us until the whole of humankind is awakened.’”
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