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Veganism: The Noble Way of Living

Exploring Veterinary Nutrition with Dr. Arielle Griffiths (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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Over the years, Dr. Griffiths has witnessed quite interesting moments of transformation along the transition to veganism. Of the many stories, let’s hear about the journey of Drake, a robust Great Dane-person.

“He’s an enormous boy and he was a rescue and he was terrified even of everything; he had been to so many different homes. But the reason why he was rehomed is because he suffered from so many skin issues, terrible skin issues. He had constantly itchy ears and he was just constantly in pain, really. And with constantly being in pain from all these issues, it gave him a very anxious nature, and so apparently, the postman would come to the door and he would run away and hide. He was even scared of his own shadow. And he was onto his third home and this lovely, lovely new owner works for Planet Organic, and she's a vegan herself, and she contacted me and said she wanted to try him on a vegan diet, and I said absolutely. She actually put him onto a homemade vegan diet that's properly supplemented, and the changes she saw in him, behavior wise, was phenomenal. Suddenly he calmed down, he wasn't an anxious dog anymore, all his itchy ears went, his coat became shiny, the sores on his body went.”

“There’s public research, the published research that came out in April this year, Professor Andrew Knight published a paper saying that vegan dog food is healthier than meat-based dog food and dogs will live longer.”

“There's a dog rescue in Berkshire, in the UK, that only feeds German Shepherds a vegan diet, because German Shepherds have a very sensitive digestion and a lot of them have a lot of meat intolerance. And actually, they found that to put them onto a plant-based diet, they're all much better and much healthier. And so definitely, for shelters to feed vegan dog food diets would be so much more beneficial.”

The compassionate Dr. Arielle Griffiths leaves us with some personal pearls of wisdom. “So, my advice to all owners is, at the end of the day, vegan dog food is the kindest way to feed your dogs. They will live longer, they'll be healthier, which is why I called my company, Just Be Kind Dog Food.”
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