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Seeing a Relative Repent to God, Become Vegan and His Soul Get Saved

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My younger sister’s husband, aged 63, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer nine months ago. On May 19, he went to a famous hospital to have a further check and learned that the cancer cells had spread to his stomach, liver, and lymph nodes. His cancer was at a terminal stage; therefore, he was refused admission to the hospital and had to return home. I went to see him the next morning and found that his body was so skinny that only skin and bones remained. He had not been able to drink any water for more than ten days except relying on the intravenous drip to survive. I knew very well that before, he wouldn’t eat without meat in his daily meal, and I told him seriously, “You’re suffering from a karmic disease caused by eating meat, and you are not allowed to eat meat anymore. God has created animal-people to be our friends. All beings are equal. No one should eat them. Now you have to pay your debt with your life.” Suddenly, he was awakened and burst into tears. With joined palms, he repented to God for his sins and promised that he would become vegan from then on, together with his wife and son, in order to start a new life. He also silently talked to the cancer cells in his body that he would start to become a benevolent person.

That afternoon, I sent Master’s Buddha Chanting via my mobile phone for him to listen. I also gave him Master’s book “Of God and Humans - Insights from Bible Stories.” He embraced the book tightly and cried out loudly, “God Ching Hai, I’m a sinful person. I was wrong to have eaten the meat of beings. Please help me and grant me a chance to start anew…” Afterward, he stopped and said that God Master had saved him. Now he could think clearly and saw hope… He began to listen to Master’s Buddha Chanting 24 hours every day. Master’s books were always in his hands. He was talking and repenting inside to Master every day. As the days went by, he started feeling more energetic. On the third day, he was able to drink some water. A few days after that, he could eat vegetable rice porridge. He told his relatives that it was the miracle of believing in God and keeping the vegan diet.

More than ten days later, I went to see him again. He told me that Master touched his head to bless him, as well as changed his stomach twice and gave him an elixir to take. He said that he was appointed to the position of a mountain god. He had seen many deities, like the water god, fire god, thunder god, and wind god. He organized many tree plantings to prevent soil erosion and led the construction of a very big road called “The Road to the Future.” Next to it was a road sign engraved with a portrait of a couple looking at each other, with the caption, “The Love of Centuries.” Master flew there from Taiwan (Formosa). After leaving the airplane, Master changed to a Hongqi sedan. He was behind Master while She personally cut the ribbon for the opening of the road. “Was it your dream?” I asked. He replied that it was not. With his eyes closed or even opened in the daytime, he could see himself dragging his physical body, with already damaged internal organs, to work, adding that he was feeling so, so tired…

On the morning of June 12, he finally left his physical body peacefully, under the protection and blessing of the Buddha Chanting. The incredible thing was that he hadn’t suffered any pain or torment that such a severe illness would have caused. It’s all because Master had taken on his bad karma and saved his soul. Master is the boundless Love and Compassion of the Almighty God! We love You and thank You! All of us disciples are the instruments to spread love! Mei-Xing from China

Insightful Mei-Xing, We are so touched to read about our Master’s Divine Grace and Mercy. Sincere repentance evokes our consciousness to be more compassionate towards all sentient beings. May humans endeavor to be better inhabitants of this planet. We pray that you and the amicable people of China be blessed with contented lives, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here is Master’s wise reply: “Affectionate Mei-Xing, your intentions to help by spreading the truth is an exemplary act of a true disciple of The Truth Path. Heaven is always blessing us, yet most are unable to receive it, as they are surrounded by a thick wall due to the negative energy field created by consuming animal-people meat and doing bad things. We often bring suffering onto ourselves by our own doings. May you and your robust Chinese co-citizens evolve to ever higher standards of morality through pure speech, thoughts, and actions, as well as by keeping a virtuous vegan diet.”

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