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Veganism: The Noble Way of Living

My Vegan Journey: The Nurturing Power of Femininity with Tammy Whitmore Coleman & Lisa Wade (both vegans), Part 1 of 2

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On this two-part show, we meet two extraordinary vegan women, Mrs. Tammy Whitmore Coleman and Ms. Lisa Wade, who have embraced the compassionate vegan lifestyle for themselves, and continue to foster its ideals across a wide range of people.

“So, what motivated me to become vegan was actually through my husband, who had already started on his vegan journey.” “I look up recipes and just basically veganize any recipe that I see, like, spaghetti or enchiladas tacos; all of that can be veganized. I don't think it was difficult.”

“My non-vegan friends and family members, they both, come to me and ask me about being vegan. They come to me because they either want to lose weight or they have some type of health issue. A lot of times, they're curious about what I eat and ‘is it expensive?’ or different things that they can substitute into their diets. I always take that opportunity to have them do a meatless Monday or, a couple of days a week without meat or, just to try different things because they're curious. And I think that's just my opportunity to plant the little seed in them, so that they can know more about going plant-based.”

Tammy reveals an uncomfortable facet about the inaccessibility of affordable, healthy foods in lower-income communities in the United States and feels that there is an urgent need for government support to help establish access to fresh plant-based food in these communities, for example, through green or farmers’ markets.

Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has praised women’s contribution to humanity and explained the spiritual reasons this occurs. “The women are more delicate, more attentive to details, and whatever they do, they do it more correctly, refinedly, more detailed, yes. That's why God has entrusted the biggest, noblest task of being a mother to women.” “Whenever a man has trouble, if he can talk to his wife, the problem is three-quarters solved already. And we even have a saying nowadays to admit it. ‘Behind a great man, there is always a great woman.’ Yes, even now, yes.”
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