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Veganism: The Noble Way of Living

A Day in the Life of Vegan Creators with Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart and Prabhat Gautam (both vegans), Part 1 of 2

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Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart has been vegan for over twenty years and is so passionate about ensuring a sustainable and compassionate future on Earth that she has dedicated her life’s work to changing mindsets and creating a Vegan World. She has been an active pioneer in the conscious consumerism movement for the past twelve years. Making use of the latest technology, Leanne Mai-ly aims to bring about an end to the dreadful use of people from the Animal Kingdoms in fashion. She has earned international recognition and glowing accolades in appreciation for her innovative vegan fashion brand VAUTE.

Prabhat Gautam has been vegan for twenty-two years and focuses on connecting like-minded people in similar fields to speed up the global shift to veganism. He is the founder of Positive Television, which showcases individuals and organizations making a positive change in the world and celebrity fundraising events. The mission of this project is to “broadcast the type of television that creates real social change.”

“I'm Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart. I grew up in Chicago, and I went vegetarian when I was 10.” “Activism was my life. I was fighting for dissection alternatives in high schools. And I ended up being able to help change a law in Illinois that required alternative options for students from K (Kindergarten) through Twelve (Twelfth grade) when I was sixteen.” During high school, she went to a camp that educated her on the importance of shifting to a fully vegan diet.

“I'm Prabhat Gautam, and my activist journey started in Human Rights. And I was vegetarian at the time, and then when I went over to becoming vegan in 1999, I really felt that the human rights, animal rights, social justice, it's all so tied together.” Prabhat was vegetarian for six years before switching to a vegan diet. He shares this message about the importance of going fully vegan. “I really hope that for all the viewers out there, don't get stuck in being vegetarian. It really still ends up hurting all the animals because, as I said, the cows and chickens still end up being killed, the dairy cows and the chickens that lay eggs.”
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