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“Love Is The Only Solution – Korean Edition” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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“This book, ‘Love Is The Only Solution,’ outlines a simple and clear solution to how humankind can get out of this ordeal at a time when the world has been suffering from the coronavirus for two years. The Korean centers printed 13,000 copies so far, but the response was so good that an additional 20,000 copies were printed shortly after.[…]We are very excited to see that people’s awareness is so much higher than at past events. ‘Love Is The Only Solution’ gives such a concise and detailed explanation of why people should become vegan that it is considered an opportunity to further accelerate many people changing to the vegan lifestyle. In Seoul, the main message of this book, ‘veganism is the answer,’ is posted on large digital billboards all over Seoul to promote veganism. We also mailed these books to public institutions and religious facilities across the country.”

Mr. Jeong Yang-Hyun is the Secretary General of the Buwulkyung Eco Kid Community, a consumer life cooperative which focuses on environmental issues as well as the health and welfare of future generations. He shares his impressions of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s latest book. “Upon reading it, I came to the realization that we are now in such an urgent situation that we have no choice but to take action. And the only way to solve it is that.[…]I think being vegan can save the planet effectively in a much shorter time, while not destroying nature and our environment anymore, while fully renewing the nature of love which is within people.[…]When you do it, even alone, people with the same idea will gather. Then, the power is enormous, and the belief that this will change the world will actually make it happen. Congratulations on publishing an inspiring book that resonates strongly with people all over the world. Be Vegan, Make Peace”

Now, let’s enjoy a special celebratory performance from one of our Association members. “Peaceful vegan world, Our Master’s dream world. Love for animal-people, Love for lives. Master’s love spreading throughout the world. The entire world, the entire universe sends congratulations. Love is the only solution. A world full of love and mercy, The vegan world we dream of. Following Master who illuminates the world, Let’s make a vegan world.”
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