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In today’s news, Saudi Arabia provides further humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, severe flooding impacts millions of people in southern China, group of universities in Japan welcome Ukrainian students with free tuition, researchers in Australia link improved brain function in youth to performing chores, children in hospitals receives Lego toy sets from TikTok star in US, Swedish startup company releases vegan bacon products, and United States documentary highlights environmental racism prevalent in animal-people raising industry.

Saudi Arabia continues relief aid to Afghanistan.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently donated US$30 million to the Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund to further support its South Asian neighbor. The goal is to strengthen the nation’s economic infrastructure so as to eventually reach self-sufficiency. Saudi Arabia is determined to ease the Afghan people’s suffering and boost their well-being by getting help to those most in need. It also seeks to lessen the dangers of the current life-threatening, brink of famine situation in Afghanistan, which could destabilize regional and international peace. Saudi Arabia is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace and a Shining World Leadership for Loving Care Award. Much gratitude, Saudi Arabia, for your kind generosity through which many lives will be saved. May the gentle people of Afghanistan be blessed with lasting harmony and abundance, in Allah’s Grace.

Millions in southern China affected by deluge and storms.

Major flooding occurred in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China near the end of June 2022, where over 3.75 million residents had their lives heavily impacted. The most intense rainfalls in 61 years have caused landslides and collapsing roads in the region, with almost 3,500 houses as well as cars and crops being washed away. Authorities worked together to rescue those who were trapped in their homes, and 240,000 people were evacuated. Economic damages from the disaster are estimated at US$1.86 billion. We are sorry China, to hear of such concerning news on the dangerous storms that are devastating your nation. In the comfort of the Buddha, may living conditions soon stabilize as your resilient citizens return home and wisely choose the path of benevolence. Vegan: save the world b4 it’s 2 L8

Up next, group of universities in Japan welcome Ukrainian students with free tuition. We will take a moment to thank the credit analysts who help assess their customers’ creditworthiness for loans using a range of factors, including data from statistical modeling and payment history. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more helping news.

It’s a beautiful day, blissful viewers! I am Harry, a vegan prince from the Striped Hyena kingdom! My days are painted with the radiant colors of happiness and love, as I dedicate my life to cultivating compassion and the harmonious plant-based way that I hold dear to my heart. Here is a tip on how to recognize the signs of overhydration, which is just as dangerous as dehydration. Overhydration can cause water intoxication, also known as “hyponatremia,” which is when there are unusually low levels of electrolytes such as sodium, in your body due to dilution. This can result in severe health issues, including seizures and coma and may even be fatal in rare cases. Here are the signs of overhydration to look out for: You constantly drink water, even when you don’t feel thirsty, you no longer have the urge to urinate, your urine appears like water, you frequently urinate even during the night, you experience vomiting, diarrhea, nausea or leakage, you have swelling or discoloration of your feet, hands and lips, you have weakened muscles that easily cramp, you feel fatigued, or have throbbing headaches all day long. So, please be mindful of these symptoms and properly adjust your water intake if necessary. Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants alike. Thank you for watching. Now for the weather from around the world.

Ukrainian students offered opportunities to study in Japan.

Sixteen Japanese universities are working together to give free education in a safe environment to students from Ukraine, whose studies have been interrupted because of the Russian invasion. The endeavor is being coordinated with the help of the Tokyo-based organization Pathways Japan, whose mission is to uplift refugees through education. Around 70 students will be chosen, and they will be provided with airfare, housing, tuition and other assistance while they attend university. The Japanese government has also been aiding Ukraine by various means, including the welcoming of approximately 1,200 refugees since February 24. Japan is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Generosity, and Animal Protection laureate. Bravo, all participating universities, Pathways Japan and Japanese government, for welcoming Ukrainians with open arms. May your wholehearted assistance benefit many Ukrainian people while spreading harmony and goodwill, in Heaven’s radiance.

Doing household chores enhances brain function in children.

A study from La Trobe University in Australia has found that giving chores to youngsters, such as cooking and gardening, helps them thrive in schoolwork and problem solving. Focusing on 207 participating youth, ages five to 13, the research revealed that household tasks helped improve working memory, their ability to think before acting (also known as inhibition), in shifting between tasks, self-regulation and more. The growth in these mental capabilities has also been associated with better physical health, higher financial status in adulthood, and undertaking post-secondary education. Kudos, researchers from La Trobe University, for highlighting the benefits of giving chores to children. In the protection of the Providence, may youth worldwide always be cared for and guided in the correct manner so they can develop into wise and compassionate adults.

TikTok star cheers up hospitalized children in United States with Lego sets.

Russell Cassevah, a TikTok star, travels the country in a recreational vehicle to distribute Lego sets to youngsters in hospitals. Recently, US$1,300 worth of these toys were given to children at the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, enough for each patient to receive one set. Russell founded the nonprofit Little Bricks Charity in 2019 to support his mission of giving Legos to 10,000 youth per year. Mr. Cassevah has set three Guinness World Records for walking barefoot on Lego pieces. He also intends to build in the city of Philadelphia the world’s largest word. It will be the word “love,” be made out of Legos and will be donated to an area children’s hospital. A big applause, Russel Cassevah, for your continued efforts to help and uplift the spirits of our precious children. May all the beautiful youngsters you aid quickly recover and regain good health, with a bright and opportunity-rich future in Celestial delight. No 2 vegan: cos if u get sick n suffer, it’s ur own business. Isn’t it?

Coming up, Swedish startup company releases vegan bacon products. We will pause a moment to feed the lovely pigeon-persons some tasty millet. More informative news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Conscientious News for a Moral World.

Swedish startup launches delicious vegan bacon line.

The Raging Pig Company has rolled out scrumptious plant-based bacon and bacon seasoning, created by leading food tech scientists, with the vision of saving pig-people from being slaughtered. Around 1.5 billion pig-persons are cruelly turned into food every year, causing horrific suffering and environmental degradation. Its vegan bacon product is currently being served at nine restaurants in Hamburg, Germany, with a goal of expanding its distribution into other countries. Between 2020 and 2021, the overall market for vegan bacon grew 25%, while from 2019 to 2020, the plant-based bacon market nearly doubled, reaching US$267 million. Our warm salute, the Raging Pig Company, for helping save precious animal-people’s lives and providing delectable vegan alternatives. In Divine light, may your benevolent business continue to grow and prosper, inspiring many to choose the compassionate lifestyle.

New documentary from United States reveals environmental racism practiced by animal-people raising industry.

“The Smell of Money,” executively produced by famed American actress Kate Mara, exposes how a lower income region in Duplin County, North Carolina, populated mostly by African Americans, has experienced the devastating environmental consequences of a pig-person livestock facility. Owned by Smithfield Foods, the meat company regularly sprays untreated wastewater into the air. This practice has caused respiratory diseases and increased cancer rates in residents as well as made opening the windows of their homes and drying clothes outside impossible. The documentary will be screened at the Mindful Eating Film and Food Festival that will be held on August 6-7, 2022, in Northern California. Thank you, Kate Mara and all involved, for your kindhearted endeavor. May we soon enter a loving era of peace for all beings, as veganism becomes the norm, in God’s Mercy.

We’d love to see you chuckle. So, here goes the joke of the day, entitled “Repeating a Grade.”

A young boy talks to his dad.

“Dad, I heard you repeated a grade when you were in school, didn’t you?”


“That’s awful!”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“History repeats itself!”


And now we have a heartline from Mei-Yun in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Once during meditation, a group of angry souls radiating red light appeared before my eyes, one after another. This was the consequence of humans’ killing of animal-people. The furious animal-people turned into viruses to attack all humankind.

The red light slowly entered my body and attacked my cells. When I found my throat swelling and sore and became breathless, I realized it was the COVID-19 virus. I immediately said to the virus, “If I’ve hurt you in this or previous lives, please forgive me, and I wish you liberation.” Then I began to do the (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation. Gradually, the inner (Heavenly) Light and Sound Stream drove out the angry red light and I began to feel better. I then brewed and drank the tea for curing the flu that Master had taught us, and recovered slowly.

It’s really important to meditate. (Master once said that we’ll suffer the consequences if we don’t meditate enough.) Reciting the Five Holy Names and the Gift at all times can protect us. If we meditate enough, our body will have strong energy so that negative energy cannot enter.

I remember one time when Master touched my face, I could sense the strong electric current flowing in Master’s blood vessels at a very high speed. That flowing current slowly entered my body, and a stream of God’s Love moved me to tears. I was immersed in the ocean of God’s Love, and completely filled with this loving energy.

Walking in a crowd, I find that people’s negative thoughts are like a piece of a green bean, instantly entering my mind but is immediately expelled by my inner power. The world is like a big dye vat (that’s why Master told us to recite the Five Holy Names at all times and meditate to protect ourselves) – if there is a hole, external negative energy will enter our body. If we always think positively and talk less, our inner energy will leak out less. The more we talk, the more it leaks. So, during the retreats, Master often told us to minimize talking and focus within to soar up to the Pure Land.

How fortunate I am to be able to connect with God, thanks to Master and Her Love. I am always reminding myself of Master’s words, “The most precious time for you since the moment you were born and until you die is meditation time. It’s the best thing you do for yourselves...” I pray that a vegan world will come and wish that Master accomplishes Her mission. Mei-Yun from Taiwan (Formosa)

Diligent Mei-Yun, Thank you for reminding us of the repercussions when we disregard our meditation practice. We sincerely pray that people will no longer turn a blind eye towards going vegan and being merciful, with the angelic guidance of Celestial beings. Wishing you and the admirable Taiwanese (Formosan) people Heavens’ eternal favor, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has a loving message for you: “Sincere Mei-Yun, you have reflected well on your experience. Negative energy can be dissipated when we are earnest in our prayers. It lightens my heart to know that you feel better now. We should always remember God in everything that we do and remain focused on our spiritual practice to protect ourselves from being caught up in the influences of this ephemeral world. May you and peaceful Taiwan (Formosa) always enjoy the blessings and plenitude bestowed by the Buddhas.”

“I remember wondering if I would have the strength and stamina on this new eating path to even make the Olympic team. I didn’t care if I didn’t. Eliminating all cruelty from my plate was more important than anything I would ever do, and I knew in my heart it would shape what I stand for.” ~ Olympic silver medalist Dotsie Bausch (vegan)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

May your soul bask in the glory of Heaven. Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News.

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