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From “The Essene Humane Gospel of Christ”: Lord Jesus Wards Off Temptations, Part 1 of 2



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The Essenes were an ancient spiritual group with origins in Judaism. Lord Jesus Christ, also known as Lord Yeshua, was born into the Essene Brotherhood, and the Essenes wrote detailed accounts about the Beloved Master’s life and teachings. One of these texts whose fragments have fortunately been preserved is called, The Essene Humane Gospel of Christ. Today, we will present selections that detail how the Lord Jesus warded off Satan’s temptations when He encountered him whilst on retreat in the desert.

“But Jesus answered the tempter and said: ‘Yea, but it is also written, Humans shall not live by bread alone, but by every law that proceeds out of the mouth of the True God, even The Eternal All.’”

“And Jesus, with voice raised, said unto the devil, ‘Get thee behind me Satan, for it is also written, Be not led away by the mere beauty of a woman, for all flesh is as grass and the flower of the field; the grass withers and the flower fades away, but the Law of the Eternal One endures forever. For I tell you what you already know of me, that I come to heal the spiritual ills of man, for he that is truly born of God, keeps the seed within, for he knows the good from the evil and the light from the darkness. I restore all things to their original root, that all things may know that the True God is above the evil of the world, for by thy ignorance, humankind suffers much and the entire creation sighs and cries and awaits freedom from bondage, yea, even from the slavery of sin that ye have imprisoned them.’”

“And once again, Jesus said unto Satan: ‘It is also written, Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God nor put His Holy Law to the test. For ye well know the All Power of the Father and yea, the Holiness of His Laws, but because ye imagined the impossible dream, ye so set up a kingdom over the Most High, and ye fooled many angels and most of mankind. Thus, ye also realize, thy time is limited; for thy evil and wrongdoing shall bring unto ye, thy seed, but also my seed unto God. Do what ye must do, Satan, and do quickly, for thy judgment is at hand, and ye shall no way escape thy punishment which thou hast prepared for thyself and all those who love your lie.’”
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