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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Professor Andrew Knight (vegan) – The Path Forward in Veterinary Nutrition

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Originally from Australia, Professor Knight settled in the United Kingdom and led a brilliant career as a veterinarian and teacher of veterinary studies, animal welfare, and ethics. A true trailblazer, Professor Knight contributed significantly to transforming the traditional curriculum by campaigning for more humane practices to be implemented in place of invasive and harmful animal-people use. In addition, Professor Knight led educational research initiatives demonstrating how our animal-people companions can fully thrive on a plant-based diet.

“Vegan animals seem to have less problems with being overweight. They have increased health and vitality. They have decreased rates of certain tumors now or fatty tumors are very common in animals that are too overweight. They may have less arthritis, they may have less diabetes and visual disorders resulting from diabetes.” “The other reason is that vegan diets are formulated to supply the same set of nutrients that balance meat-based diets are, but without any of the hazardous ingredients that can be found in meat-based diets.”

People are often worried about plant-based diets not being natural for cats and dogs, and will they be less happy? “We looked at things like the speed at which they approached the food bowl, the speed at which they ate their food, vocalization, barking, salivating, licking food bowls, guarding behavior of their food, a whole range of signs. We couldn't find any significant difference.”

“By producing all this research and these outputs, I hope to be able to show the world really that it's possible to maintain cats and dogs on vegan pet foods and to keep them healthy and also happy. And we're probably going to also prove that there are significant environmental benefits from doing this. And indeed, you can save many more people with the food energy that can be saved. It's estimated at millions of people, extra people could be fed, actually.”

After learning about his beneficent work, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Professor Andrew Knight, plus US $10,000 as a token to helping the research, with all love and high salute for your precious work. May you enjoy continued success and constant protection by Heaven.”
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