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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

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Fifty miles (80 km) northwest of New York City, USA, lie the 230-acre (93 hectare) lush and charming Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue, home to more than a hundred farm animal friends. The sanctuary founder, Mike Stura, used to be a truck driver and found new meaning in life by providing rescued animals a loving home. Over a year ago, Brianna, a pregnant cow courageously kicked down the door of a moving truck to escape a cruel fate. A call from the police at the scene woke up Mike and he immediately rushed to collect her. At the safety of the sanctuary two days later, Brianna gave birth to a healthy baby girl calf, Winter. Upon learning of this news, our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai tearfully offered the Shining World Compassion Award to Mike Stura and Skylands Sanctuary, “plus a humble US$15,000 contribution, with all love and gratitude in God’s mercy.” “Dear Mike, It is with great admiration and gratitude that we present to you the “Shining World Compassion Award” for the love and dedication shown towards animals, providing ‘a place for them, a place for hope’. You are nurturing kindness within the community and creating a brighter future for all of Earth’s co-inhabitants. We humbly present this Award in recognition of the haven you have provided, rescuing, sheltering and ensuring our precious animal friends have a forever home.” “For benevolently striving for a loving world for all beings, and for your gentleness and untiring kindness, we hereby applaud and celebrate the great compassionate deeds of Mike Stura. May God bless and protect you and Brianna’s family, as well as the kind police involved. With Great Honor, Love and Blessings in God’s Grace Supreme Master Ching Hai” “This is very, very nice. It's very cool. Thank you, Supreme Master. I don't know what to say. I'm touched. I’m moved. I'll try to do my best. Thank you for choosing us to support. I appreciate it tremendously and I appreciate the work that you do, to spread compassion and the word of a vegan lifestyle to the world. It's fantastic! I really thank you very much. Thank you.”
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