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Between Master and Disciples

The World Left Ukraine (Ureign) to Fight Alone, Part 11 of 17, Mar. 2, 2022

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If you concentrate on yourself, then you are just alone, narrow, tight, selfish, and not worthy. But if you love some other things, even your pet or your people more than yourself, that you could even die for them, then, it’s very noble. (Yes, Master.) Then Heaven will give them leniency and will not send them to hell. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else you want to know? (Yes, Master. I’m a little bit unclear about the spiritual aspects when it comes to war. For example, when Master read the story in the Hadith, which told of the two men fighting, and then the one that killed the man would go to hell. And the other one would also go to hell because he had the intention of killing.)

Of course, he defends himself, but also the intention of killing. And killing is a great sin. (Yes.) It’s not because this person came and tried to beat the other person up, but they agreed to fight. Like in a duel. (Ah, OK.) In the old time if they don’t settle any argument, they go for a duel. (Yes, yes.) And both will fight to the death. (Yes.)

Also, sometimes they fight for a girl. (Oh, right.) Whoever wins, will take the hand of the girl. Oh, I don’t know what kind of girl would like to take the hand that’s so bloody like that. (Yes, really. That’s true.) And on the body of somebody else. (Yes, Master.) They should ask the girl who she likes, not to go, then decide it among the two of them. (Yes. That’s true.)

So, in this case they agreed to fight to the death. (Yes Master.) Both are really onto it to kill the opponent. That is what the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, was talking about at that time. It wasn’t explained very clearly, that’s why. (Yes, Master.) In Europe, or everywhere, before they went for duel, you know that, right? (Yes.) So that’s what it was. So, if two of them already wanted, intended to kill each other, then they will both go to hell, no matter who wins, who loses. (Yes. That’s right.) That’s what it is. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

(So the Ukrainian and the Russian war, Master has mentioned that Putin for sure will go to hell and that the soldiers who fight for him would go to hell. But then what about the Ukrainian citizens who bravely volunteered to defend their country and in the process of fighting, they might kill. So, would they also go to hell?)

Yeah, but less. (Yes.) They would just be punished normally, generally and also individually. It depends also. (Yes.) Like the people who could have died on Snake Island, they did not want to kill the Russians. They knew they’re going to bomb them, and they would die. Or maybe they didn’t die, maybe they just came in and captured them. That was not very clear yet. (Yes, Master.)

But because they were talking together with the central, with the headquarters, their base, and then suddenly they heard all this conversation and the Ukrainian soldiers there, at the frontier, told the Russians to “F off.” (Yes.) “Go F yourself.” (Yes, Master.) And then after that, they heard an explosion or something, or nothing, and then no more contact. So, they presume that they died. And the president of Ukraine also confirmed yesterday, or maybe it was an older news, I don’t know, that he will give them medals later. (Ah. OK.) Posthumous, posthumous honor. In this case, they would not go to hell. (Yes, Master.)

And another soldier, very young, but he volunteered. He went to the bridge to blow up the bridge, to slow down the advance of the Russian military, troops. Because the bridge connects them to the other city where they were going in. (Yes, Master.) So, the army did not have time to arrange it so that they can remotely do it. And then this soldier called and said, “I will do it manually,” and after that “boom.” No more. He’s gone. (Right.) He knew that he was going to die. Everybody knew that. So he sacrificed himself only. (Yes, Master.) And the others, Heaven will be more lenient, of course. (Yes, Master.)

To kill people because of aggression, because of greed, because of evil intentions, of course, you will be in hell forever. (Yes.) But to kill because of defense, to protect others – this is a different case. These soldiers, they kill because they want to protect their people. (Right.) This is for others, not for himself. (Yes.) Maybe also for himself, but I don’t think they think that much about that. They know they might fight; they might die. (Yes.) But this is about their people. Sacrifice yourself, no matter what, for others. (Yes, Master.) So, this is still a very noble cause. (Yes.) So, even if they go to hell, they will be there for just a short while. (Right. Ah, OK.)

But in the Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, has told you also the truth – that both of them, would go to hell the aggressor who wanted to kill one man and the other man who fought back only to defend himself and kill the other intentionally. (Yes.) But in the Ukraine case, they protect their country because the enemy just came in and want to kill their people. (Yes, Master.) So, leniency, compassion and mercy will be Heaven’s judgment. Maybe they won’t go scot-free, but maybe they will. (Oh, right.) Because they did not want to kill. (That’s right.) They are forced to. And they do that for others, because they know they might die. (Yes, Master.)

Even if they did not have any spiritual concept or anything, but their intention is very noble. (Yes, Master.) So, they’re going to be treated leniently. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s a different situation. You cannot always judge the same thing. (Understand.) It’s not like black and white in the Universal system. (Yes, Master.) (Understand.)

Thus I, I mean we, Heaven, could have rescued many already, even though they did not eat vegan, even though they were butchers, but they did repent. They did watch Supreme Master TV for a while somehow, and feel in tune with it, have respect for it. And when they were down there, they did repent, they did call for help. And their sentence was not yet completely stamped, they’re not in hell for long, yet. (Yes, understand.) If they were, they would lose everything. They wouldn’t remember how to call. (Right, Master.) They wouldn’t remember how to repent, they wouldn’t remember God, nothing. They would have no voice anymore, no thinking, no inside connection telepathy. (Yes, Master.)

So, it depends also. Those people are supposed to be in hell, punished. But the Master Power still can rescue them, because there was some connection and they were repenting. (Yes, Master.) They will not go to Tim Qo Tu New Realm, of course, but they’re out of hell. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And maybe they will be put somewhere, so that they can do something to redeem their sin. But they’re not in hell, not tortured every day like that. If they repent truly, sincerely, humbly – there is a remedy. (Yes, Master.)

So, similar to the case of Ukraine, these people, they know war is bad, that they can die any moment, because they jump into fire now. (Yes.) But for what? Not for themselves, not to satisfy their ego or anything, not that they don’t value life. They just want to sacrifice because they cannot bear this injustice and bullying force of the negative, of the enemy. (Yes, Master.) I told you even I would do it, if I were them, (Understand.) if I had not been taught differently. I’m glad you asked that question. I’m glad you did. (Thank you for answering, Master, clearing my doubts.)

It depends, but not every soldier is the same. If someone with intentional malice or something, or just for themselves or to gain some fame or feed their ego, then they could also go to hell. (Understand. Yes, Master.) But if they’re noble, they’re clean, with clear and pure intention, just because they want to protect other people, their people, their country people. (Yes.) And truly to dedicate just for that, to sacrifice their life, like they love others’ lives, love their country more than themselves, then this is a different case. (Yes, Master.)

If you concentrate on yourself, then you are just alone, narrow, tight, selfish, and not worthy. But if you love some other things, even your pet or your people more than yourself, that you could even die for them, then, it’s very noble. (Yes, Master.) Then Heaven will give them leniency and will not send them to hell. (Yes, Master.)

So, it’s just like, even in the world, the law is not always black and white, it depends also. (Yes, that’s right.) Sometimes you kill somebody, but because of self-defense, you’re forced to, then the court will also set you free, or maybe just a couple of weeks or a couple of months in jail just for the case to be solved. So you are not classified as a murderer, or will not be in jail for your killing. (Yes, Master.) Or sometimes you kill somebody just to protect another person. And even then, you will not be in jail. You will not be judged as a murderer. (Right.)

It depends, because the other is the aggressor. So, it’s different. It’s the same, justice is fair. And Heaven is never biased. (Yes, Master.) Hell – same. Heaven and hell never side for anybody unjustly. (Yes, Master. You’re right, Master.) They always do it correctly, fairly, and exactly. (Yes, Master.) I’m glad you asked because I also did not think about that. It’s good, it’s good you asked. Good question. (Thank You, Master.) Good also if the Ukrainians ever watch our show. They will feel better. (Yes, Master.)

The same like when Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, told His disciples during wartime that, “Whoever fought for the faith, for Muslim faith at that time, will go to Heaven.” It’s true like that. But it has to be the real cause. It’s not like going bombing anybody like terrorists like that. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like that.

At that time, they were harassing, persecuting the Prophet and His followers. So, if they come to kill the family, and this man fights back to protect his family, or protect the Prophet, or protect the Muslim faith, then Heaven will not judge him like a killer. (Yes, Master.) Or Heaven will not send him to hell. He will go to Heaven, with so much deep faith in the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. Do you understand me now? (Yes, Master.)

He is protected by his faith, by his belief in a great Teacher, Prophet. And by his noble sacrifice for others, putting others before himself. (Yes, Master.) So, there will be judgment and judgment. It’s not all black and white. You got it now? (Yes, Master. Understand.)

And now the so-called Muslims nowadays just go out unprovoked, bombing people standing in the market or in some crowded area, just killing anybody, even their own brothers and sisters, from the same faith. (Yes, Master.) In the market, in the square, when he pulls the trigger of the bomb, he never asked people, “Are you also Muslim like me? Or you are Sunni, or you are Shiite?” There are two groups. He never asks. He just pulls the trigger and boom, everybody dies or gets wounded. (Yes, Master.) So, that is not the way of the Muslim.

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