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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine, Part 3 of 8, Feb. 26, 2022

Lecture Language:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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The world is not yours. (Right.) You have to work accordingly and with cooperation with other countries, not like you can control any country you like the way you want. It’s not like that. The world is not made for you, for you alone, not for Putin alone, or for any president alone.

No matter how many excuses you use, people are not stupid. (Right. Yes. That’s right.) Only the ones who make stupid excuses are stupid. (Yes, Master. Right.) But they don’t want to see themselves, (Oh. Yes, Master.) (Yes.) because of their vicious ambitions ‒ want to rule, want more land, more ruling power. Oh, all this is ugly, ugly, ugly. I mean, at the cost of people’s and innocents’ lives. (Exactly. Very unfortunate.)

If you go into the shop and just force the owner to give things to you and even kill or murder the shop owner, that’s robbery. (Yes. True.) You just want to take something at the cost of somebody else’s life. It’s the same, like what he’s doing now in Ukraine, at the cost of his own people, the soldiers. (Yes, Master.) He just sent them in freezing weather there. (Yes.) And with no reason really, just to send them in harm’s way.

Because he doesn’t care, he just sits in his own palace, with bodyguards all over and with fireplace, and looking at the TV, like a game ‒ to see what they are doing. (Yes, too easy for him.) But he’s not in harm’s way. So, he doesn’t care how many he sends there to death. It’s freezing, winter, and he keeps sending them and they stay in there for how long already. And now want to go in and invade other people’s country. His own people didn’t like it. (Yes, right.)

They went out and protested in Moscow. (Yes.) They don’t like the war. Because the war will cost things, cost people’s lives, (Yes.) cost the Russian people’s lives and cost Ukrainian people’s lives. (Yes. True.) Not like it’s fun, not like a computer game. (Right. Right, Master.) Just because he never has to go out in the cold, stay in the wet weather under just a very thin tent or some makeshift military camp. (Yes.)

He is too comfortable. (That’s right.) Or maybe he had a fight with his woman, and so doesn’t know what else to do, just run out, fight, get off his chest the energy. (Right.) Or maybe he cannot please his woman, so he makes an excuse to go out and punch somebody else instead, (Oh, no.) like a punchbag. (Yes.) Men; men’s ego. (Right.) That’s what I think, not much else. (Yes, Master. Very disappointing.)

The world is not yours. (Right.) You have to work accordingly and with cooperation with other countries, not like you can control any country you like the way you want. It’s not like that. The world is not made for you, for you alone, not for Putin alone, or for any president alone. (Yes. Right, Master.)

I think this guy, he just does things according to his mood or greed, his ambition, ego, low level, lowlife. If you want to go out and kill people just to get some more land, that is truly lowlife. (Yes, that’s right.) It’s evil. (Yes, Master. Yes, it is.) Because people die! Children die, women die! Suppose it’s his children who live in such a country, would he be happy? (No, no way.)

If somebody, a bigger country went to Russia and was oppressing his countrymen and killing his people, killing his own family, or his children, his wife, his woman, would he like that? (No, Master. No, for sure not.) Of course not! Yeah. Whatever you don’t like, you shouldn’t do it to others. They say it everywhere, (Right.) not just in the Bible. (Right. Yes.) From Confucius, in China, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we all say the same. Whatever you don’t like to be done to you, don’t do it to others. (Right. Yes.) Imagine if he lived in Ukraine, in such an area.

He says he just takes care of these two separate regions in Donbas. But it’s not true. They’re attacking Kyiv also. (Yes, yes, right.) Taking airports and Chernobyl area also. (Yes, right. They are there.) And if he succeeds in Ukraine, he’s moving to another country next. Whichever’s more easy, he did first. (Oh, no.) Because Ukraine was gentle. It wasn’t in NATO, also. (No. They’re not.) So that’s why they just make an excuse.

He wants to stop Ukraine to go into NATO. But why? Why not? They’re independent. They have their own sovereignty. (Yes, Master.) Why cannot they decide; they join whomever they want? (Oh, yes.) They join anywhere they want. (Right.) This is, I think it’s the character of somebody who always likes to rob. Greedy, greedy. That’s why. (Looks like that, yes.)

You see, if he continues this way, and maybe other international allies, at the end they will be forced to react. Then, if they bomb Russia, many people will die. (Yes.) Many Russian people will die. (Yes, Master.) So, there is not just Ukraine, the whole community, some hundred something countries. (Right. Yes.) Even there’s a little small island that even now, cut ties with Russia. Doesn’t want Russia, because Russia invaded Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

So, everybody hates Putin. (Yes.) All this bad energy will make him sick or die soon. His people also don’t like him. The international community are also fed up. (Right.) Cut ties with him. Many, many countries now are cutting ties with him. (Right.) And counting. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t know whom he wants to live with. Just to hoard Ukraine. And then what? Maybe because now he has China’s support. (Oh, yes.) (Yes.) They’re like-minded or something. So, he’s more emboldened. (Yes.)

And also recently, political trouble, you know, in Afghanistan, with America. The Americans don’t really want to fight that much anymore. (That’s right.) And then the pandemic and many things are distracting people. So, he just uses this opportunity to swallow up Ukraine and say anything. (That’s right.) Whatever he says is all garbage anyway. It’s all “BS” they say in America. (Yes, Master.) There’s no real reason. Ukraine did nothing to Russia. (Yes.) Nothing. Is Crimea already not enough? Want to take this and that? And then the whole Ukraine, soon. (Yes.)

It’s not true that he wants to protect only these two regions. It’s not true. Nobody needed him to protect. Anyway, he stirs up problems there, so that he has an excuse to come in to swallow Ukraine. (Right.) Anything, even if a union is good, even, like the United States, or European Union, I have nothing against those. (Yes, Master.) But they have to be good with each other and it has to be on a volunteer basis. (Right. Yes.)

Before people volunteered to join the Soviet Union and now, they don’t want to anymore. (Yes, that’s right.) It’s like a relationship. When it’s broken, it’s broken. (Right. Exactly. Yes.) Each goes a different way and leaves each other in peace. (Yes.)

So, all the international community fell out with Russia, with Putin, except China. (Yes.) So, I don’t know what these two are going to do. To do what? What if you rule the world? So what? You can only eat, like, two, three meals a day. (Right. Yes.) Even the most expensive things, you don’t need to eat up another country for it. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t have to cost other countries citizens’ blood, and peace in the whole world. (Right. Yes, Master.)

There are some people, they’re just born aggressive. And now he has China backing him and then also these vaccines, stir up his aggression, (Yes, right.) some strange substances in medicines sometimes gives people different reactions. (Yes.) But that is not the whole thing, because many leaders also have vaccines. (Yes, Master. Right.) And maybe they have similar symptoms, but they are not going to eat up another country for that. (Yes. Right.) It just depends on you, also. (Yes. Exactly.) Depends on your character, your morals, your nobility, whether or not you have any of them. (Yes, correct.) I don’t think Putin has any. I’m very disappointed. (Yes.) I thought he was a good president for his country. (Yes.) Now I think he’s just a bloodthirsty warmonger.

Anything else? Any objections? (No, Master. We agree. Nobody likes him now. The whole world doesn’t like him.) Even just a small little island. I saw it… I have it, but I don’t know where it is now. It’s difficult to find it. Let me look. Maybe I have it here. One moment. (OK, Master.) Micronesia. Yeah.

Even Micronesia, a very small island country, (Yes.) cut ties with him already. Wow. (Everyone.) Wow. Incredible. I like that. I like that country, small and weak, (Right.) vulnerable, but quit, cut ties with Russia. Just like that. So brave. (Yes, Master. Very.) So righteous. (True.) God bless Micronesia.

And all the European countries cut ties with him. (Yes, right.) Not just America. So right now, we will have like a World Union, by choice, by natural circumstance. (Right. Yes.) And we have like half, or one third Soviet Union left over, and we have China, as the opposite of this World Union. (Right. Yes.)

I was surprised to see that, because many countries are sometimes bought by other bigger countries. Like Taiwan (Formosa) was befriended by some country already, (Yes.) and then China came in and gave more money, more help – and then that country left Taiwan. (Yes, Master.) So, Taiwan (Formosa) is more and more isolated somehow. There are different kind of war going on (Yes, Master.) in different parts of the country. That’s what I heard. (Understand. I see.)

It looks like Putin, he cannot sit still somehow. Because I asked Heaven why, and They said that some of it is the effect of the vaccine. (Yes, Master.) But now we think about it, maybe he had so many different vaccines before. That’s why he messed up with Azerbaijan, Armenia and Ossetia, South Ossetia and that Abkhazia region, etc. (Yes.) Because afterwards Russia also came in for peace-keeping in that region, in the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, (Yes.) they call it Nagorno-Karabakh. (Ah, yes.)

And so much bloodshed there. They’re killing people, just like old times, like guerrilla war, cutting throats and all that. Oh, there’s an old man, you saw it on TV. (Wow. Yes, yes.) You saw it in a clip in the news. Oh, so barbarous. (Right. Yes.)

Russia will be ruined. The people of Russia will suffer if he continues this way, and the international community will not be able to stand it.

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