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Today we will learn more about these talented musicians, their thoughts, their dreams, and of course their music. Giles shares more about himself during the interview. “Certainly, I would have earned a lot more money if I would have been a barrister. But I think I’m happier now. I haven’t got such a big bank account, but I’ve got more money in my soul bank account. When I got into yoga, I really did start then to get into music a lot more. Not just music for entertainment, but for music to uplift consciousness and bring about healing.

The World Healing Project, which is now, been running for 16 years. We have five things that we focus on, five things that we want to share to help bring about a better world. And the first is yoga, the second, meditation, the third is healing music, the fourth is creating peace circles and the fifth is nutrition. And ultimately I like to think that one day there will be, the whole world will be in the World Healing Project. The whole world will be part of this movement towards peace, love, and harmony, prosperity, safety, clean water, good healthy food for everyone. And of course, a compassionate attitude towards the animals and the plants as well.”

In addition to working with music, Gavin keeps himself busy with charity work, such as providing supports to youths. “So I work for a charity called Center 33, which is a charity that supports young people. So, I see young people all the time and they are massive source of inspiration for me because as a generation there, they seem to be very socially aware, very conscious of themselves, the effects they have on the planet and on other people. And I think there’s great potential for what they can achieve as a generation and that in itself gives me lots of hope for the future.”

We will conclude our program with another meaningful song by the one-of-a-kind vegan band, Peace On Your Plate, called “Live In Harmony.” “When we can get all we need From the plants and the trees Isn’t it time we stop all the killing? An animal has a soul Let’s choose a kinder role And live in harmony with our surroundings Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
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