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Selections from “The Life Divine” by Sri Aurobindo (vegetarian): Reality Omnipresent, Part 1 of 2

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India is the home of many great spiritual Masters who have brought wisdom and truth to Earth, inspiring us to seek a higher purpose in life, thus uplifting humanity to a divine state of being. One such great figure is the spiritual Master, yogi, philosopher, poet, and politician Sri Aurobindo, who graced our planet from 1872 to 1950. Through the inner knowledge revealed to Him during His spiritual practice, Sri Aurobindo began publishing writings full of wisdom. Today, we present to you Chapter 1 of “Book One – Omnipresent Reality and the Universe” in “The Life Divine.”

“‘If one knows Him as Brahman the Non-Being, he becomes merely the non-existent. If one knows that Brahman Is, then is he known as the real in existence.’ Taittiriya Upanishad.”

“We have found already in the cosmic consciousness a meeting-place where Matter becomes real to Spirit, Spirit becomes real to Matter.”

“It is out of this Silence that the Word which creates the worlds forever proceeds; for the Word expresses that which is self-hidden in the Silence. It is an eternal passivity which makes possible the perfect freedom and omnipotence of an eternal divine activity in innumerable cosmic systems. For the becomings of that activity derive their energies and their illimitable potency of variation and harmony from the impartial support of the immutable Being, its consent to this infinite fecundity of its own dynamic Nature.”

“The Silence does not reject the world; it sustains it. Or rather it supports with equal impartiality the activity and the withdrawal from the activity and approves also the reconciliation by which the soul remains free and still even while it lends itself to all action.”

“We really mean by this Nothing, something beyond the last term to which we can reduce our purest conception and our most abstract or subtle experience of actual being as we know or conceive it while in this universe. This Nothing then is merely a something beyond positive conception.”
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