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Love and Devotion to Sadguru – Mystic Hymns from the Padavali of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans (vegetarian), Part 1 of 2

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Maharshi Mehi Paramhans was a legendary spiritual Master of the ancient Hindu tradition of Sant Mat, or “Teachings of the Saints.” Through His study and diligent meditation with Sadguru, or true Teacher, Baba Devi Sahib, Maharshi Mehi achieved self-realization. In the continuation of His solitary practice in a cave on the holy River Ganges, He came to understand the unified nature of what might appear to be different religious teachings. Maharshi Mehi found that all the venerated Saints, like Shakyamuni Buddha, Kabir, Guru Nanak, and Tulsi Sahib, spoke of God-realization through the practice of Drishti Yoga (the Yoga of inner Heavenly Vision) and Surat-Shabda Yoga (the Yoga of inner Heavenly Sound). We will now share with you excerpts from “The Padavali,” a collection of hymns and mystic poetry written by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans.

“The Almighty is truth, peace, all pervading, unborn and matchless, He is bodiless, devoid of pride, colorless and without any design, He is neither child nor young nor old, sans these stages of life; He is beyond triad attributes, deeds, knowledge, intelligence, and ego, Even different from pulsating nature without any attribution, Is recognizable only by the powerful Sadguru; Free from worldly miseries or the cycle of birth and death, And is surrounded by nothing; He is neither big nor small and is free from all attachments, And is most wonderful without being warm or cold.”

“Make me Your servant, O Sadguru, You always speak the plain truth, Victory to You! Eliminating my evil thoughts and falsities, make me inclined towards only good thoughts and conduct, All physical, mental and spiritual ailments are born of ignorance, Such sufferings, like painful and perplexing darts, have tormented me; Now make me free from all these, O Lord, as they persecuted me in crores of births, I was hopeful of escaping such torments in this birth, But unfortunately, I got trapped again and again in the quagmire; O Sadguru! Who can escape these in the three Worlds and Times without Your Grace? O Lord! You are quite a help to the devotees in peril, So Your servant has come to Your Shelter.”
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