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Michele Fasnacht (vegan) – Inspirational Leader of Education and Social Activism, Part 4 of 4

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Despite Michele’s busy schedule leading the Solid Rock Community School, in 2018 she started Green Culture, a vegan restaurant. Michele’s husband Eric was convinced of the power of a plant-based diet, and he jumped in and joined her for this project. “The mission is to get animals off the menu and put plants on the plate, and everyone that works here is part of that mission.”

“We definitely do drive a message because we are an educational restaurant; we call ourselves an “edu-restaurant,” I think I made that term up. We have TVs up that play a recurring looping educational video. Most importantly, all of our staff is plant-based or vegan. So, we're here to answer your questions.”

As a natural extension to compassionate vegan food, Green Culture also offers a ‘Fur Baby Menu’ for canine friends. “We love fur babies. We love them to come; we love to talk to the people that have dogs.” “All of our packaging is eco-friendly, because that is important to us. We have to walk what we talk. And we are here as a plant-based restaurant; we are Ocean Friendly Certified.”

As part of her educational journey, Michele became involved in the Plant-based Lifestyle Movement (PBLM) organization, where she holds the position of Vice-president. Green Culture hosts many talks and presentations by the doctors and professionals from PBLM, as well as other plant-based educators and pioneers.

Supreme Master Ching Hai shares with us the value of dedication to noble work such as Michele is doing: “If you want to save the world, if you want to do anything toward this goal, you’re enlarging your nobility, your Heavenly attribute. So if you spread the encouragement to save the planet, if you go veg, if you go green, if you do good deeds, you help others because you want to save the lives of other beings on Earth, then you have a saintly quality. You reawaken your holiness.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Fasnachts the Shining World Compassion Award with all love, respect and best wishes. May you continue to pursue your lofty, saintly goal in God's Mercy and Grace.”
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