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In today’s news, Qatar Charity provides book bags to students in Kyrgyzstan, spacecraft snaps photos of Mercury during flyby, newly published study finds less prostate cancer with plant-based foods, futuristic Swiss wheelchair can climb stairs, preteen cleans neglected headstones in United States, Russian consumers are buying more meat and milk alternatives, and cheetah-people are translocated to special reserve in Mozambique.

Less fortunate children receive a tool for school.

In association with UNICEF and Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Higher Education, Qatar Charity has provided book bags for 7,000 orphans and other students who need them. The nongovernmental agency is a Shining World Compassion Award laureate. Officials toured 25 schools in Chuy Province to distribute the items meant to make studying easier in the coming year. The acting director of Qatar Charity’s office in Kyrgyzstan, Mohamed Hammam al-Samman, commented that his organization believes that facilitating education is the key to promoting a nation’s development. Four new schools are scheduled for completion by the end of 2021. Our heartfelt appreciation, Qatar Charity, for your dependable assistance. May the next generation of literate citizens uplift their families, communities, and country, in the illumining Love of Allah.

Joint research mission approaches the first planet from the Sun.

In October 2018, two satellites left Earth on a single rocket launched from South America. The interplanetary project known as BepiColombo is a collaboration between the European and Japanese space agencies and recently snapped photos of Mercury during its first flyby. It will take several more years before the craft slows down enough to enter a regular orbit around the planet and deploy its payload. Europe’s probe will map Mercury’s surface and attempt to sense its interior. Japan’s orbiter will investigate the celestial body’s magnetic field and its interaction with the continuous flow of charged particles known as the solar wind. Bravo, BepiColombo, for your success thus far! May you help unravel the mysteries of Mercury, in Cosmic delight. Vegan: benefit u, benefit the world.

Up next, newly published study finds less prostate cancer with plant-based foods. Let’s take a moment to thank the farmers who grow oranges – ancient and nutritious citrus fruits that are a hybrid of the pomelo and mandarin. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more alleviating news.

Good day, gentle viewers! I’m Bijou, a vegan nobleman from the Blue Crowned Pigeon kingdom. When we are at peace with nature and the collective animal kingdoms, we are at peace with ourselves. So do yourself a favor and go vegan today! Here’s another health tip for you. Following a workout, grab some berries for a snack instead of drinking juice. Whole fruits provide fiber, which plays a vital role in the efficiency of your digestive tract. Also, berries contain antioxidants called polyphenols that help prevent cell damage while reducing muscle inflammation and pain. There are many berries to choose from, but blueberries are outstanding. You will benefit from a nutrient profile that contains an abundance of flavonoids, potassium and vitamin C. Thank you for tuning in, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.

Scientists link eating more plants with a reduced risk of cancer.

A study recently published in the official journal of the American Urological Association has found that greater consumption of plant-based foods lowers the chances of malignant cell growth in the prostate gland of men under 65. More than 47,000 subjects participated for almost three decades by completing questionnaires about their eating habits every four years. The urologists determined that the more plant foods people ate, the more protected they were from prostate cancer. And for the 6,660 individuals diagnosed with the disease during the trial period, consumption of plant-based fare inhibited its progression to an advanced stage. Thank you, cancer researchers, for highlighting the benefits of eating plants. In the Providence’s radiance, may men wisely choose the vegan diet to safeguard their health and the well-being of other earthlings.

Innovative wheelchair design gets an upgrade.

Scewo AG is a Swiss technology startup focused on personal transport solutions for people with reduced mobility. In 2018, it introduced the BRO wheelchair that can climb stairs. It won The Design Prize, Social Impact category, from Designboom Magazine. Fast forward three years, and an improved version of the device is a gold winner of the German Design Awards 2021 in two categories: Excellent Product Design and Medical Rehabilitation and Health Care. The chair’s seat balances itself automatically while traversing an incline so that the user is always upright. There are also manual controls for elevation, speed, and head support. Onboard cameras send images to the user’s smartphone for greater awareness of the surrounding environment. Hats off to Scewo for combining imagination with engineering to make life better for individuals with disabilities. May technology always be guided by spiritual wisdom, in Heaven’s boundless blessings.

High-minded boy shows he is also hardworking.

When Navene Town of Michigan, USA, visited his great-grandfather’s grave, he was upset by its neglected appearance. He told his grandmother, “Nobody should have a dirty headstone,” and added that he wanted to wash it. She got him the necessary supplies, including a biological solution called D/2. Navene did the job and was so pleased with the results that he started his own business: Navene Cleans Headstones. So far, the inspired 12-year-old has worked in 14 cemeteries and improved almost 100 graves. The budding businessman usually charges a modest fee per headstone, but he works for free if it belongs to a veteran. The enlightened youngster says, “I want my legacy to be good deeds.” We salute you, Navene, for your noble actions. We pray that your service will motivate other young people to contribute to society and uplift the collective consciousness, in Celestial harmony. No 2 vegan: cuz carnivorous people don’t choose it.

Coming up, Russian consumers are buying more meat and milk alternatives. We will take a moment to sample Ramlila, a theatrical adaptation of the Sanskrit epic “Ramayana.” It is performed every autumn across northern India and is a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. More worthwhile news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Motivating News for a Thriving World.

Plant-based eating progresses threefold among city dwellers.

A recent market survey in Russia showed how vegan analogs of dairy and meat have grown in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. Urban consumers of alternative meat products rose from 10% to 34%, while those drinking plant-based milk increased from 9% to 31%. Although young and affluent people account for most of the recent surge, a complete 95% of respondents said they are aware that Animal-people-free alternatives are available. Health benefits, flavor and price are the top three factors influencing the population’s acceptance of nontraditional foods. Fortunately, domestic companies producing vegan burgers are winning over customers with prices that undercut the big-name imports. We are heartened by the encouraging report, Russia! As more individuals uncover their inborn compassion and upgrade their diets, our planet will not only survive but thrive in Heavenly peace.

Returning cheetah-people make conservation history.

For the first time in 60 years, the fastest land mammal on Earth is roaming the plains of Maputo Special Reserve in southern Mozambique. Four of the big cat-persons – two males and two females – come from Ashia Cheetah Conservation in South Africa, which also paid for their translocation. The Endangered Wildlife Trust and the Mozambique Wildlife Alliance assisted with transportation, vaccinations and radio-tracking collars. Funding from the World Bank’s Mozbio program enabled the reintroduction of a dozen species in the past 10 years. Restored ecosystems such as Maputo Special Reserve become essential reservoirs for collecting carbon from the atmosphere and mitigating climate change. Our hearts are warmed by your achievement, Mozambique, as we offer gratitude to the organizations that made it possible. May all precious fauna enjoy fulfilling lives, in the all-embracing love of the Divine.

Our joke of the day is packed with some healthy laughter vitamins. Let’s enjoy it together. It’s called “Matter-Of-Fact.”

A female dentist had a successful practice and was very busy with many patients. When she came home one evening, her husband asked her something that had been on his mind for a while.

“Honey, my teeth have become kind of yellowish. What do you recommend?”

“Certainly, dear. Just look in your closet for a tie that matches the color of your teeth.”


And now we have a heartline from Mu-En in Hsinchu, Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Dear Respected Master, I saw on Supreme Master Television that Master spared time to talk from Her retreat because of the pandemic and Master was calling loudly to the world that the only fastest and most effective way to stop the pandemic and disasters, both natural and human-made, is by humankind changing to the vegan diet. On several occasions when I saw Master shed tears because She felt so much sorrow for the sufferings of the people of both animal and human kingdoms, I also felt pain in my heart. Master cried so much when She spoke for the animal-people and Master was heartbroken because of the pain and struggle animal-people experience before they die. I promised to increase my meditation time so I can give back some of my merit to Master to lessen Master’s pain and to repay Master’s boundless Grace.

To support World Peace, Master requested us to pray for Mr. Trump so he would become (continue as) the President of the United States. At that time, I vowed to meditate for three days through the night to give my merit to the re-election of Mr. Trump. To be honest, I had never meditated through the night at home. I had a lot of struggle and finally got through on the third day. From that day on, I could meditate through the night! I listened to Master’s lectures on CD carefully every day for half a year, and I found that much of my karma was cleansed through my concentration on listening to Master’s lectures. I overcame a deep-rooted notion of mine just because of a sentence spoken by Master, and so I can meditate longer now! I discovered that every passage spoken by Master represents a level and it can be used to measure if we have reached that level. I also discovered that sincere and selfless dedication, meditation, and listening to Master’s lectures are the secrets to progress in spiritual practice. Thank You, Master, for bringing me to the level of joy and laughter through diligent meditation. I am full of happiness and confidence every day, and my relationship with my family members has become more harmonious! I am immensely grateful to Master for leading me to true liberation and freedom while still living!

Since the start of the pandemic last year, Master has been sincerely asking Bodhisattvas (saints) from different realms to come to this world to bless and awaken humankind to be vegans. I invited important guests to eat in my home and asked Master to bless the food and give them courage to stop eating meat. Because of Master’s great power, three of them became vegans, and two got initiated before the age of 65. They are very grateful to Master. They said they saw the replica prints of Master’s paintings glowing with Light, and also saw their living rooms were filled with Light when Supreme Master Television was playing. After initiation, they also had experiences that their relatives truly went to higher realms. They cried because they were so happy.

Through meditation, I am having new discoveries and realizations every day, and I can always feel the boundless compassion and amazing Grace from Master who works tirelessly to save souls. I wish that humankind will awaken soon to change their diet and create a Vegan Paradise so that World Peace will come soon. I wish Master good health, good luck and much happiness. Respectfully, Your disciple, Mu-En from Hsinchu, Taiwan (Formosa)

Smiling Mu-En, Thank you for your positive words that so eloquently depict the many fruits of devoted and diligent meditation practice as guided by Master.

Here is Her encouraging reply for you: “Sincere Mu-En, I’m so pleased to know that your trust and unquestioning faith have rewarded you in many ways. Keep up the good work as a caring beacon of light for others and everything will only continue to get better. Love you always. May the Divine nourish you and the clever Taiwanese (Formosan) people with peace and harmony.”

“All meats are like the dead bodies of human beings.” ~ Lankavatara Sutra (Buddhism)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them viaSupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May your life be illuminated by Divinity’s purity and compassion.

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