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“Eating Our Way to Extinction,” narrated by famed British actress Kate Winslet debuts in London, UK, and Los Angeles, USA

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On September 8, 2021, London, UK’s prestigious Odeon cinema in Leicester Square played host to the world premiere of “Eating Our Way To Extinction.”

The film, narrated by Academy Award, Emmy and Grammy-winning British actress Kate Winslet, exposes the grim truth about how animal factories are destroying our planet.

“Every continent is burning…”

“People are losing their homes, ecosystems are being destroyed. We’re now over the line.”

“Over 26,000 species are currently threatened with extinction.”

“It doesn’t even make the headlines. No one even knows about it.”

“There seem to be some serious conflicts of interest going on.”

“The industry is just concerned with growth.”

“This was the elephant in the room no one wanted to talk about.”

“I want others to see for themselves. This is all we’ve got.”

“This little blue miracle…”

“This planet is our home and it is up to us what happens now. History has shown that when we stand together, we can achieve great things. The clock is ticking…”

Kate Winslet delivered a poignant speech before the documentary premiered.

“So, let’s pause here tonight and listen to the facts. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with these filmmakers and bit by bit we may find ourselves realizing that maybe we can go without those foods that we have become so used to putting in our sandwiches, and reaching for the plant-based alternative.”

On September 16, the film also premiered in Los Angeles, USA, at the Wisdome Immersive Art Park. Both events generated much press and social media coverage. Viewers have been shocked by what they have learned.

“This was so informative. It was quite scary…”

“I’m shocked; I am scared…”

“I recently watched a documentary and it really moved me and it was really informative and I have started to cut out a lot of things in my diet.”

Since the end of September, “Eating Our Way To Extinction” has been available through the iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies platforms. The producers are now working on releasing the film with narration in multiple languages. We applaud the launch of this brilliant film and are gladdened to hear that the public is embracing its valuable message. 

We extend our congratulations on the successful movie launch to the entire “Eating Our Way To Extinction” team. May our world soon be an ecological paradise where humans, animals and nature exist in perfect balance together, in Divine harmony and grace. 

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