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Nothing Escapes Justice, Part 3 of 6, Sep. 26, 2021



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So you can help in many ways. And Heavens know everything. There is nothing that can be hidden from the net of… Heaven has a network of communication as well as of inspection. (Yes.) We can cheat humans perhaps, but not Heavens. (Yes. Yes.)

I would be ashamed if I don’t tell the truth, (Yes, Master.) if I can help but I denied to.

You can help in many ways. You don’t always have to vote to help. (Yes.) You don’t have to always give money if you don’t have, for charity. You can pray for them, for the victims. You can applaud the charitable actions. (Yes.) And that is the same as if you do it yourself when you cannot. (Understand.)

So you can help in many ways. And Heavens know everything. There is nothing that can be hidden from the net of… Heaven has a network of communication as well as of inspection. (Yes.) We can cheat humans perhaps, but not Heavens. (Yes. Yes.)

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and China, or everywhere, they say the same, they say, “The net of Heaven is immense and vast, but not even a tiny little feather can escape.” (Ah, yes.) You know, a tiny part of the feather. Not even a tiny part of the feather can run through it. (Yes. Yes.)

(So Heaven knows everything, including what the leaders are doing.) Yeah. If they want to look for lies and cheating and fraud, they should look in the opposite direction, I’m telling you. (Yes.) The Second or the First Family should never engage in those things to begin with. Before he (Biden) was even a President, he was Vice President, and they used that to the ultimate to earn millions of dollars. (Yes, understand.) And then after he became President, his son still sells a painting for US$500,000, and more. (Understand.) And of course, it’s legal, that. It is legal, it’s not illegal. (It’s just not morally correct.) But it’s not morally legal! (Yes.) And it’s a shameless thing. (Yes.) I don’t know what they need so much money for, like more than average people. (Yes.) Many Americans live in poverty; and above poverty, lost jobs. And now more because of the pandemic; and live today, don’t know tomorrow. And what for they need so much money? They already have a lot.

And I read recently they evaded tax even. They earned about US$13 million and they declared only US$800,000. (Oh, wow!) So they didn’t pay taxes, and the media don’t say anything.

"FOX News Interview Sept. 25, 2021: They got, as you said, US$13 million in income in 2017 and 2018 between Joe and Jill (Biden). Now look, my company’s an S corp, and I know how much the accountants take a look at this, and there is no way in heck, if I had made as much as US$13 million in two years, that they would have allowed me to say, 'You’ve got US$13 million in income, but your ‘salary’ is only going to be US$800,000.' Why wasn’t there a major newspaper that said, 'Wait a minute, we’ve turned this over to tax experts, and they tell us there’s something strange here if he only paid the 3.8% tax on US$800,000, not US$13 million.' Where was the media last year on this?"

And meanwhile, they’re telling everybody that the rich have to pay taxes. (Yes.) And go after them, hunting the rich to get more money for spending. (Yes.) And sneaking many other things in it, not just for citizens. (Understand.) That’s why Congress did not approve the request of three trillion ‒ or something like that ‒ dollars, because there are many sneaky things in there. It’s not just for people. Using that just to get more money for spending or to do whatever they fancy.

The First Family, they’re using their position, abusing the position of power to do business that earns them a lot of money, and demand a lot of money from that business. Demanding, for the big guy, meaning the now President, so-called President. Or for himself also, and then when the media all found out, some say something, some say nothing.

If all this was reported before, including the tax evasion, I don’t think Biden would ever win anywhere. (That’s right. That’s right. Understand.) But they suppress it all down. Many media suppress it, the ones that support him. (Yes.)

Maybe it’s not about him that they support. They support the Democratic Party. (Yes.) Because the Democratic Party also did something good, and had many good Presidents. I also say that. (Yes.) It’s just that you cannot support something and then kill something else, when that something else is innocent or that somebody else is innocent. (That’s right.) And the media’s noble duty is to report the truth, nothing but the truth. (Yes.) None of their opinions on it. Well, they can have their opinions, of course, it’s a free country, free speech. But have to be honest and fair.

All this, they will have to answer to Heaven or hell. I think they will have to answer to hell, for framing an innocent, good citizen like President Trump. (Oh, yes.)

There’s nothing that escapes justice, baby, I’m telling you. OK? Oh sorry, I shouldn’t call you baby. You’re big right? Big baby. (Old baby.) Old and big baby. Gray hair baby. (Yes.) I’m telling you true, gray hair baby, big baby, that any falsehood, anything that’s not according to the Bible’s Ten Commandments, will have the consequence of hellfire, hell judgment. (Yes.) OK, tell me. (Oh, yes. The other questioner wants to ask You.) Yes.

(Recently,) Yes. (there are some images emerged online of the Border Patrol on horseback.) Yes. (And so, Biden and his White House administration, basically they are insinuating that the Border Patrol have whipped the Haitian migrant refugees.)

"Media Report from KHOU 11 Sept. 22, 2021: US Border Patrol officers being criticized with this video and how they’re handling the migrants. Captured on video on horseback, blocking their path at the Rio Grande…"

(Would Master like to share any comments on this?)

They – he (Biden) or they ‒ should whip themselves. The Border Patrol didn’t do anything like that. (Yes.) I saw the video. They just… I think some Haitians got caught with the rein of the police horse. (Yes.) So they’re just trying to stop him from being trampled upon, or to get more entanglement, because the horse had to leave, to go, to run. (Right.) And the Haitians were probably in front of the horses.

"Media Report from FOX news Sept. 23, 2021: Those aren’t whips being used. They’re reins, the kind used to control horses. But don’t take this guy’s word for it. That’s what the VP’s (Vice President’s) own DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Secretary says: 'Border agents use long reins, not whips, to control their horses.'"

"FOX News Interview Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Art Del Cueto (m) Sept. 25, 2021:Everything that these agents did out there in Del Rio on horse patrol, was, one, within the law, within policy, within training, and they were not in any way, shape or form attacking the individuals that they were trying to deter from entering the country. No one was whipped. What they were doing, when you see them twirling the reins, it’s to distract the horse so it doesn’t go in the way of the individuals that they’re trying to detain. So what they were doing was protecting those people. But this administration and leadership within this agency can’t give an honest answer, and now you got the President of the United States saying that these individuals 'will pay'? Pay for what? They did nothing."

"FOX News Interview Texas Border Prosecutions Unit investigator Austin Skero (m) Sept. 26, 2021:You know, I’ve watched these videos and I’ve looked the images over and over. I can’t see any violation of law or policy. I see no one being whipped or strapped as the President and Secretary Mayorkas have stated. In fact, the man who captured these images has already come forward, and he said that he saw nothing of the sort when he captured those images. What I did see, was a United States Border Patrol agent exercising his sworn duty to stop an illegal entry from occurring. What I also saw, was a suspected illegal alien, a Haitian national, grabbing the bit and headstall of a horse that that agent was riding, and potentially creating a very dangerous situation for that agent. So the agent did his job. He did everything that he was trained to do, and he did everything that horse patrol agents have been doing since 97 years ago when we started using horses in this organization."

Besides, the horses belong to whom? To the Biden government, no? (Yes, exactly.) And he is the one who told them to clear the Haitians. (Right.) And he doesn’t care about the Haitians. Oh, it is all hypocrisy, it’s lying. This is lying! He told them to clear the border. So, they did what they can. No? (Yes, exactly.) They didn’t hit anybody. No! (No.) There are witnesses. So, he’s just lying again, to cover up, to scapegoat these poor Border Patrol (officers). They’re just doing their job. They were told what to do. (Yes, exactly.) And they did that. (Right, Master. Yes.)

That terrain is not suitable for running the patrol car. (Of course. Yes.) On water and uneven surfaces. So, they have to use horses. (Yes.) The horses belong to the government. (Right.) And then they told them what to do. First, they open the border, so everybody comes. And now they’re in a mess, so they blame the patrol, who is under their order to clear the camp. (Yes, Master.)

They don’t care about Haitians. A long time ago, 1994 or something, when he was just a Senator, I mean this is public, it’s not like a secret or anything, he told the journalist at that time, he said that, “Even if the whole Haiti country quietly sinks under the sea, it wouldn’t matter to the United States.” “It wouldn’t matter to us.” (Oh, my God.)

"PBS Interview Biden 1994: If Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean, or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot in terms of our interests."

You see that? (Wow.) What a thing to say! (Exactly. How heartless.) It is still there, if you research, you can find it. (Wow.) That was when he wasn’t President, he was just a Senator. He’s a professional politician, anyway. He’s a politician, he does it for a living. (Right.)

He has no ideal, no compassion, no love, nothing. (Oh, wow.) He has no skill for a diplomat. Even if that’s what he thinks in his mind, he should never have spoken like that (Exactly.) as a Senator. As a leader, one of the important leaders of the country, as the mouthpiece of his people. As the representative of America’s pride, ideal, and reputation. (Yes, Master.)

I mean, you don’t have to help anybody, you don’t have to help the Haitians, but you cannot curse the whole country like that! That’s to wish them bad luck!!! (Yes, Master.)

The Border Patrol didn’t do anything. They’re just doing their job, (Yes.) and gently as possible. (Yes.) And they know they wouldn’t do that. What for? They’re just refugees. They’re just trying to push them back from the border. (Yes, Master.) Because Biden says now it’s closed. Before, it was open and suddenly it’s closed, now everybody has to go. So they have to do what they are told to do. (Yes.)

But Biden and this administration, they’re anti-police. You know that since a couple of years already. (Right, Master.) They are pro “defund the police.” (Yes.) And even Harris bailed out many of the looters and the protestors who want to defund the police. All these protestors and looters and arsonists in all the protests and activities against the police, (Right.) they bailed them out. Harris gets the fund from I don’t know where, maybe from others, to bail these people out. They’re anti-police. (Yes.) And now it’s another opportunity to scapegoat them for doing their job.

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