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Between Master and Disciples

Vengeance Never Brings Peace, Part 2 of 5, Aug. 29, 2021

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War is never good anyway. (It’s true. Never.) Because the war destroys many things. Destroys the country, destroys people’s lives, destroys peace, destroys the economy, destroys even security for people, destroys farming, (Yes.) agriculture and all that. It breeds famines.

To be strong is not like, wait until the enemy attacks you and then you bomb them back. (No.) That’s not showing your strength. (No.) Strength, wisdom is to avoid that from happening, (Right.) so that peace can be more established and nourished. (Yes.) So citizens of both sides or every side can have their freedom, their peace to enjoy and to build their lives for themselves, their countries, their children, and for the next generation. They should have peace to think, to relax, in order to reorganize their lives, (Yes.) or build their lives, in peace. (Yes.)

Now you see that. You see it or not? (I do see, Master. Thank You.) These things, it’s abstract. (Right.) Only practitioners of high level can see. But maybe some psychic people who help the presidents and governments everywhere, can see it. (Yes.) (We’ve seen that in the news, I think.) Oh, yes? What in the news? (I think… No, from before, I remember the actor, Jon Voight, who was saying something similar,) Oh. (that this administration and the leaders… I think he said something similar.)

“Jon Voight(m): The ones who are jumping for joy now are jumping toward the horror they will be in for, because I know that the promises being made from the left to the American people will never come to be. This is now our greatest fight since the Civil War. The battle of righteousness versus Satan. Yes, Satan. Because these leftists are evil.”

“Interviewer(m): Can you give us a take on what you believe is going on with the devil right now, Father?

Father Chad Ripperger(m): I think he’s using people quite a bit. I think that’s the principal difficulty that we have. People who are, for lack of a better way of putting it, they’re basically in league with him, they actually believe the same things that he does, they want the same goals. I predicted this a week ago. I said if these people (Democratic presidential candidates) actually win, the retaliation is going to be diabolic in nature. They are going to… It’s going to be brutal. And we’re already seeing that with some of statements made by one of the Congresswomen, that they should start keeping track of making lists of people and this and that. These people are out for blood now.”

“‘Soul Whisperer’ Psychic Elisa(f): Joe Biden: I perceive something like a black layer full of tension and disharmony around him. Inside of him, there is a white, emotionless dominant energy, which could seem like a strong energy or charisma, but I perceive this as a self-referential, emotionless strengthening of the own energy, which is about achieving goals that are in his interest, but have nothing to do with humanity or even warmth. Something like black tar flows continuously out of him into the world. He drives around in a kind of a wheelchair or vehicle completely recklessly, in or with this mess of tar. It seems that he doesn’t care about the ground or the people that he is riding over, and he laughs like a completely crazy person in his intoxication. He seems to be out of his mind and seems to have forgotten all important tasks and people in his fame frenzy. He is only concerned about himself, as if he would forget that there are other people at all, if he gets too much power. No humanity, let alone compassion.”

“Reporter(f): Mr. President, can I ask you a quick question on Israel before you drive away, since it’s so important?

Biden(f): No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it.”

Now he is trying to handle it (Afghan crisis) to show that he’s a tough guy, but it’s just optics. He doesn’t really care. Because if he really cares for the Americans’ wellness, he wouldn’t have let the immigrants come in at random like that, in hundreds of thousands, and to spread all kinds of unfavorable diseases or sickness or smuggling or drugs into his country, to harm his citizens. (Yes.) It’s fatal in some cases, and other cases, like human smuggling and children molesting and all kinds of stuff. And sickness as well; sickness is not fun for anybody. The Americans, they had enough with that already to deal with. There’s no need to import any more trouble, smugglers, drugs, or extra (COVID) variants. (Yes, Master.) So, he doesn’t really care. He does things the way his ego dictates him or the demons inside dictate him. And then doesn’t matter what mess it is.

It took a court, low court and Supreme Court, to stop him doing that now. Because they reinstated the Trump’s era policy, like “remain in Mexico” (Yes.) and wait for screening. (Yes.) Like this, even if people are not accepted, at least they have their own home, their own, wherever their place was. (Yes.) They’re still there, they are safe and secure. (Right.) And if they’re accepted, they can always go to America. (Yes.) Like this, everybody is displaced and then bringing all kinds of chaos and sickness into America. And also affected their own immigrants’ group together, when they mix together like that. Also very bad for them, don’t have enough supplies there. (Yes.) Blankets, food, water, and security, protection for little girls and babies, and stuff like that. (True.) Was that enough for you? Did I answer the question? (Yes. I think so, Master.) Any more?

(Master, should the US Congress reclaim war powers authority since Mr. Biden has proven unable to handle the Afghan crisis?)

What does it mean, war powers? Meaning they take over and…? They could do that if they think he’s not good enough. They should fire him anyway. (Yes.) But I’m not really supporting any war. (Yes. Understand.) But I cannot also advise them not to do anything. It’s not in my position. But war will always breed more war. (Yes, Master.) They should have taken over before. Not now, things already happened. (Yes.) Take over before, to speed up the rescue process before the withdrawing of all the equipment and personnel and soldiers and all that. (Right.) Like this, right now, billions in equipment are left behind in Afghanistan. (Yes.) (So it’s too late.) Too late, yes, yes.

War is never good anyway. (It’s true. Never.) Because the war destroys many things. Destroys the country, destroys people’s lives, destroys peace, destroys the economy, destroys even security for people, destroys farming, (Yes.) agriculture and all that. It breeds famines.

I remember the war in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), many people went hungry because the food that’s supposed to be feeding people, had been destroyed with bombs and with sometimes Agent Orange or whatever.

War is terrible. And after that, whatever country wins, whatever side wins, has to inherit a devastated nation and has to deal with hundreds of thousands or millions of refugees, just like in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) before. (Yes.) I can only speak about Âu Lạc (Vietnam) because that’s concerning me, (Yes, Master.) that I have lived through some part of it. But every other country, when they are engaged in war, it’s the same. (Yes. True.)

No matter what ideology or who wins, who loses, it’s devastating for people everywhere, in that country and spilling over to the next, neighboring countries, and into the world at large as well. (Yes. Right.) Very difficult. It’s better to avoid war at all costs. It’s better to avoid making any excuse so that war can break out. It’s better that way. Better avoid than confront with war. (Yes.) The option of war should never be a priority. (Yes, Master.)

But you know, when situations arise like that, many people cannot just let it go. Because like the Afghan airport people have no excuse to kill, (Yes.) to bomb like that. The airport is full of Afghan people, and children, women and elderly as well as men. Only some American soldiers, but they were not engaging in any combat or anything. They just hang their gun on their body, and just talking with the children, giving them water, helping a woman who collapsed in the heat and all that. (Right, right.)

I don’t know how the American soldiers do that, really. I really admire them, because there was very, very strong heat there. (Yes.) In summer. And they’re wearing all kinds of equipment and their thick clothes, and their boots. (Right, yes.) And the backpacks behind them, and emergency equipment and all that. And a gun, heavy gun, also, on their shoulders. (Right, yes.) And they still have the kindness enough to take care of the children, with their water, giving them some little snacks; talk to them, play with them, high-five with them. Or carrying the babies. I don’t know why they do that, maybe the mother entrusted to them while the father and the mother had to go out for a paper check. (Yes.) For registering before they can go on the airplane. So the American soldiers were really wonderful. (Yes, they were amazing.) In all aspects. (Yes.) I have never really seen too much into the war pictures. But for here, for recent photos and clips from American soldiers, I think they’re so humane. (Yes.) They’re so wonderful youths, and so loving, so kind, so genuine. (Yes, they are.) So genuine, they made a really good, good impression and representative of the American people. (Yes.) America should be proud of them. And honor them in any way they can. (Yes, Master.)

Better avoid war at all costs. That’s my advice, if you ask me. OK, my love? (Right. Thank You, Master.)

But that’s what I was afraid of, that the generals and the commanders of the army and all the Congress, all the Senate, will take over. If they are very angry, if they are in pain and feeling humiliated by the Taliban or by any other organization, (I see.) they might take the matter into their hands. And the European alliance could also take matters into their hands, (Right.) if they feel too frustrated, and too pained, too much grievance. Or too angry if the government, or any government, or Taliban is mistreating their female members of society and molesting little girls like that.

My goodness! (Goodness!) Terrible. This is evil, beyond evil. (It is, yes.) Beyond any uncivilized concept. (Yes, yes. It is. Beyond.)

“Media Report from CBS Evening News Afghan Interviewee(f): The stoning and lashing is already happening. What they are saying, it’s much different than what they are doing on the ground.

The UN is already noting credible reports of abuse by the Taliban, especially when it comes to restricting women and girls. Women have already been sent home from their jobs and universities.

When Taliban came in Kabul, really I can’t breathe, I couldn’t breathe. All studies, all my background, now it’s like a grave.”

Now you know. Did I answer your question enough? (Yes, You did, Master.)

You see, the Taliban say that the women should stay in the house because their soldiers have not been trained for respecting women. My goodness. Maybe the Taliban top leaders or leader doesn’t want this to happen. But as you know, it’s all on the news that they even came to their house. Not like you stay in the house and you will be safe. (Yes.) Because they have weapons. The soldiers have weapons; they have things that can blow up the house if they don’t open. And if they open, they might molest them, rape them or kidnap their girl children. So, there is no chance for the women there. No future for them.

And if the Taliban leaders, even though they don’t want it, but their soldiers, they’re going out house to house and harassing people like that and they don’t discipline them, then I don’t think any European country or America even wants to work with them. Unless they show goodwill first. (Yes, right.) Discipline. Because if you cannot discipline your own soldiers whom you have been fighting alongside or at least teaching all these decades, then how can you govern a nation? (Right.) What kind of a nation that has to be under such atrocities, brutality, immoral behavior of their own people like that? How do they survive? (Yes.)

So, OK, you may win the seat, presidency seat or prime minister seat or whatever, or you might even win the whole country ‒ landmass, but you might never be able to win the whole country’s citizens, the whole population. (Yes.) So, I don’t know how long they are going to keep their power. (Understand.) And I don’t know if any government even wants to work with them if they keep their policy this way. (Yes, Master.) If they don’t walk the talk. If they just keep blaming each other for anything.

Anything, not just normal mistakes or wrongdoings, but this is truly life and death, and the dignity of the women of the nation. And women make up half of the nation. Women can also be their mother, sister, cousins. (Yes, of course.) And who knows, maybe one day the soldiers might knock at one of their relatives’ door and molest their kin. If it’s always out of control like this, the soldiers do what they want, that’s a lawless country, then how can people survive? How can people ever want to cooperate with them? They can coerce them, they can force them by their power. But that is not a country to rule. (Yes.) It’s not a policy that you can exercise on your own nation and your own people. (True, yes.) The international community should not be this low standard, to work with such a kind of mentality and policy. Do you understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master. Right.)

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