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Dr. Jeanette Rowley (vegan) - Human Rights are Animal Rights, Part 2 of 2



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In order for a compassionate society to exist, Dr. Rowley emphasizes the importance of using protective rights as a means to evoke a deeper level of compassion that extends to animals as well. “We should have a system of ethical justice that includes animals in our community, and we should see rights as protections from arbitrary oppression and emancipate suffering.” “Protective rights are about emancipating from suffering, and on that ground, animals, other animals are equal beneficiaries.”

Under the premise of protective rights, the world-renowned spiritual leader, our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has a stern message for the world leaders, whose lack of action within their governments toward the injustice perpetuated towards animals, the climate, and humans, continue to exacerbate the current global crisis rather than resolve it. “If the planet has trouble, if all people or any people are killed because of the climate change, the government leaders, I say, are guilty. Because they have the power to stop it, to change it. I hope they rethink about that, so they don’t have to go down to hell and answer to the king of hell or the maya, waiting for them, satan waiting for them. Like will attract like. No need to say that I’m threatening anybody. You are in power, you are in privilege, you are well paid, you’re getting rich by the tax-payers of your country, you should do what you must do in order to rescue your people. And if you don’t, then you’re guilty of murdering humans, not just animals. I’m telling you the truth like that.”

On June 26, 2020, Supreme Master Ching Hai called for the world to wake up and be vegan, while explaining the heavy karmic burden placed upon those who choose not to. Dr. Rowley thought Master’s message was very powerful and brought up the assistance offered by the Vegan Society to help those who wish to join the vegan family and to facilitate them to start their vegan journey. Apart from creating vegan awareness through social media or advertising, Dr. Rowley encourages us to recognize a more subtle form of animal exploitation taking place under the radar, and to make a stand for veganism there as well for a transformative change in all aspects of society.

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