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Shining World Award Recipients: Vigilante Angels of the Penguins on Middle Island, Part 2 of 2

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Today, in Part 2 of the series, we will learn about their two special super canine guardians, Tula and Eudy, who are recipients of the Shining World Hero Awards. Tula is an eleven-year-old Maremma who retired last year after safeguarding penguins for 8 years. Her sister, Eudy, has shared the job with her and will also retire this year.

In part 2, Dr. Patricia Corbett, Coordinator of the Project. shared with us in detail why Maremmas like Tula and Eudy are the most fitting for the guarding job. “When we're talking about the Maremmas, protecting penguins, actually the first sign is that they'll bark, they have this really deep bark. If the predator doesn't listen to that, they will chase, and if they have to, then they will actually get to that animal. So generally, just their scent, so their smell, their wee being on the island is enough.”

In recognition of the love and devotion of the two guardian angels, Supreme Master Ching Hai happily sent “A special thanks to Tula and Eudy, plus the Shining World Hero Award and US$2,000 each for vegan snacks. With all love and high-paw. May you be remembered fondly the world over for your love and vigilance to safeguard the lovely penguins. Surely your gold heart will shine for all to see.”

Here is the Award letter from Supreme Master Ching Hai for the two loving canine guardians. “It is with great admiration and gratitude that we present to you both the ‘Shining World Hero Award.’ This Award is presented in recognition of your exemplary protective ability, attentiveness, loyalty to all beings and caring spirit of friendship, providing us all with a shining example of God’s blessed gift to humankind, the animals. Your love and vigilance to safeguard the lovely penguins ensured the success of this brilliant method of conservation, and now it can be adopted in other remote corners of the world to save wildlife. For outstanding fidelity to humans and animals alike, for your unconditional love towards all beings in need, and for being human’s best friend we hereby applaud and celebrate the heroic deeds of super guardian sisters, Tula and Eudy. May you, your family, along with the treasured penguins be forever safeguarded in the Divine’s forever love. With Gratitude, Best Wishes and All My Love, Supreme Master Ching Hai”

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