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Speaking Up to Save Lives: The Honorable Louis Ng Kok Kwang of Singapore (vegetarian), Part 1 of 2

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The Honorable Louis Ng Kok Kwang is a Member of Parliament for Singapore’s People’s Action Party. Since 2015 he has served as an MP, representing the Nee Soon Group Representative Constituency. Mr. Louis Ng is also the founder and Chief Executive of Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), an animal protection organization, whose mission is to create a caring and socially responsible world in which animals are treated as sentient beings. The organization conducts research on the use of animals in various fields, and uses its findings to educate the public about animal welfare. ACRES promotes community involvement in the animal protection movement, and builds partnerships with related organizations.

“It began in 2008 actually, when Minister Shanmugam was the Guest of Honor at the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) Gala dinner.” After this discussion with Minister Shanmugam, Mr. Louis Ng began to wonder if, as a Member of Parliament, he might be able to make legislative changes that would greatly accelerate animal protection. “But, if we also embark on a policy-change journey where we can effect legislative change and policy-level changes, then we could actually save a lot more animals. We do both concurrently. And that's one reason why I entered politics, so that I can enter parliament and fight for legislative policy changes, ask the questions.” “It was a two-year journey, but earlier this year, I finally amended the Wild Animals and Birds Act and renamed it the Wildlife Act. And with that piece of legislation, we can save a lot more lives in Singapore.” “Thanks to the Honorable Louis Ng’s tireless efforts, the Singapore government passed the Wildlife Act in March 2020. It was the first substantial amendment to the Wild Animals and Birds Act since 1965, and it greatly improves the protection and wellbeing of wild animals in Singapore.

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