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Between Master and Disciples

Practice Well and Everything Will Be All Right, Part 3 of 3, Dec 27, 2019

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You only have yourself, your own karma or your family’s karma [to bear]. It’s just a group of people. Your five, six generations, I help; five, six generations of your ancestors I helped already. You only bear your karma of this life. When you pay it completely, then you go, bringing your family, your children, your friends along too.


We are family, no need to say thanks. You are welcome. Is there anything else, love? (Yes. Last is the inner experience of a brother from the USA.) OK sister, go back to your place and rest. Thank you. You practiced well. You came here and the local gods came out to greet you, then you must be very good and strong. Congratulations!

(My first inner experience is that I saw a big halo and extreme bright [inner Heavenly] Light from Your eyes. This experience, I told You already, about 30 years ago. At that time, while meditating, I saw a very bright white light, but I was afraid to look straight into it. In the first retreat in Pingtung, I saw this white light once again. But I told myself: “I should look straight into this light, if I am blind, so what?” Then I went through this white light and saw Master with a big, beautiful and pure golden light. And around Master’s head, there were a lot of white rays of light continuously moving in and out, beyond which was a huge golden halo.)

(In the second inner experience, I saw You in the white [inner Heavenly] Light in the image of the Quan Yin Bodhisattva, and You were surrounded by a thick, fire-like golden light. I also told myself to look straight into the white light. Then from the center of Your body, Your heart emitted an enormous golden light towards me, and I was immersed in that light. I looked around and everything was bright golden color.)

(And in the third inner experience, I went to one of the Heavens, and Master was giving a lecture to a very big crowd there. After finishing Your lecture, You emanated two halos, a giant golden halo inside, and a purple halo outside. Then Master looked at me and spoke in Âu Lạc language: “Only Quan Yin has this kind of halo.” I didn’t know whether only the Quan Yin Bodhisattva has this halo, or only the Quan Yin practitioners have this light. At that time, my initial thought was that only Quan Yin Bodhisattva [has this halo].)

(My last inner experience was when I saw a dense white light, like billions of suns shining into Your eyes. And if You allow, I would like to share this entire experience. Thank You, beloved Master.) OK, continue. Microphone. (Hallo Master.) Hallo. (The inner experience is like this, Master. I went to a place where an Indian Master was giving a lecture. After the lecture, that Master was lifted on a sedan chair, with four people carrying it. And that sedan was a golden color. Everything was golden. I felt as if I had met this Master somewhere before? So, I weaved through the crowd, then I jumped on that sedan,) Wow! (and then I turned my head to look, and that Master changed into You. And later, I turned again and saw that all the four sedan carriers suddenly disappeared. And the sedan was [Floating.] still in the air even without people to carry it. And it flew out of that building. So, when I looked down, I saw a lot of houses and buildings down there. And the sedan continued to fly, out into space. Then I saw the stars, the moon, etc. The sedan continued to fly to a region where it was so dark, and there was no light at all. In that region, even dust doesn’t exist. And then I turned around, and Master had changed into a very old lady, so old that Her wrinkles were very deep. And I never saw anyone who was so old that Her wrinkles were so deep like that.) Oh my God! (And in Your eyes, even the pupils were all white, as if the eyes were full of light, Master. And I felt a little scared, because it was so strange, but only very briefly. Because Her face was so gentle, it made me feel relaxed, so I wasn’t afraid anymore. Then I looked around; the sedan had now turned into a small, simple, and very old boat.)

(Because there was no light in that region, I could see the boat due to the light from Your eyes, Master. When I looked at Your eyes, suddenly there were two beams of extremely bright light coming out of them. Each of those light beams was so bright that it looked like white paper, Master. And each light beam was also like a gathering of millions of stars. It was due to that light beam that I could see the boat. So, I turned around to ask that Master. At that time, I was holding a rope, which was tied to the bow of the boat. That Master said: “It depends [on you].” After I heard that, I dropped the rope, then the boat just disintegrated by itself into pieces. Since there was nothing at all in that region, I felt like I was falling into an empty space, or a deep, deep hole. I was so afraid, I called out: “Master, Master, please help me.” I yelled one, two or three times. Then I turned around, and saw Master had changed into an African person, but Her skin was not that dark, just a tan color. When I came out of meditation, I didn’t know how to address that Master, so I temporarily named Her, Black Queen Mother. I think that no matter how old the universe is, it still cannot be as old as that Master. Therefore, I temporarily called that Master as “Mother of the Universe.” When I called for help, Master changed into that African person, that African lady. Then You flew to me and held my hand, then took me to that land. The story still continued, but I feel like it is kind of personal, so I would like to stop here. (OK.) That’s all. Because Your power, Your light, Your halo were so intense, and so bright, so glorious, that I wanted to share with You and initiates.) Thank you. (I thank You very much, Master.) Your spiritual practice did improve. Many decades of practice to have one long inner experience like that? Normally, it comes as a flash and disappears right away. OK, is there anymore? (It is finished, Master.) Finished? (Yes.) “Thank God”! All right! Thank you all.

I am proud and happy to see you doing well in your spiritual practice. You don’t need to give me any gift, any money, nothing. If you practice well and improve, that is a very precious gift to me. That’s all. And if you practice well, everything will be all right, understand? I took on a lot of karma, but I am still OK in the end.

You only have yourself, your own karma or your family’s karma [to bear]. It’s just a group of people. Your five, six generations, I help; five, six generations of your ancestors I helped already. You only bear your karma of this life. When you pay it completely, then you go, bringing your family, your children, your friends along too. So, it is not that difficult, but when we work hard, our body is tired.

It is difficult to attain a human body, but then having this human body makes it more difficult to practice spiritually. If we don’t have a human body, we can’t practice spiritually a lot, but having a human body, we also have obstacles. Inside a human body, there are a lot of organs, and also invisible pressures, which were created inside our body already. Therefore, when men and women grow up, they are tortured, commanded by these pressures, and sometimes they can’t control it. That’s why it is difficult. And since ancient times, there have not been many vegan people in society. Therefore, it is a little difficult for us to be vegan. Sometimes, we eat the non-vegan food by mistake, and that creates obstacles for our body and spiritual practice.

This society is very difficult for us to live in. But you can see clearly that it is getting easier and improving every day. It is more cheerful every day. I am very happy for the country of Âu Lạc, extremely happy! Thank you all. Thank you all. Thank you for practicing diligently, then your country will become more prosperous, and happier. It’s thanks to you. I can’t do it all by myself.

Thank you for taking care of the destitute or the innocent animals, who do not have the means to help and liberate themselves. I thank you for doing it on my behalf. If you need any financial assistance, then write to me, OK? Write a letter to the “Foreign Department.” You know? The FG group, understand? That group is very powerful. Controls everything. They forbid the 72-year-old people from coming here. I didn’t know it. It depends on the person. But normally, the law is like that everywhere, meaning it only applies in general, it can’t check every person’s situation, because we are kind of a big group.

That sister, did you call to Âu Lạc yet? You will do it a little later? Later, huh? If he can’t come today, then tell him to come tomorrow. There were a few times, I did ask why he didn’t come? I thought he abandoned me already, and followed someone else. Following some other lady already. Tell him that I miss him, OK? If possible, tell him to come right away. If not, then as soon as possible, understand?

(Thank You, Master. Because he also misses You a lot, but he couldn’t come. He also said that… One time, when I left to come here, he cried as he saw me off.) He cried? Oh my God, poor him! I also knew it. That’s why I was always anxiously asking why he didn’t come. All right then, tell him… Tell him if he is still healthy and still loves me, then come here. (I thank You, Master.) You are welcome. Tell him Auntie Hải misses Uncle very much, OK? I miss him, because he is already at an advanced age, but still very sincere in his practice, doesn’t mind the hard work or any difficulty, and doesn’t fear anyone. He is a pioneer for the later groups.

OK, is there anything else? If not, we go out to eat. All the elders from Âu Lạc can come to eat with Auntie Hải. The young ones can wait. It is not that I discriminate, OK? Those who are above sixty years old, or seventy something, can go to the kitchen to eat with me for fun. And the young ones can wait until you are old, then you can go in. Then get old quickly, so that you can come in to eat with me.

I don’t discriminate old and young, but the old ones probably have less opportunities than the young ones. They may be here today, but gone tomorrow, or today they are healthy, tomorrow they become weak and can’t come. They lose the opportunity, that’s all. Also, they offered all their life to serve humanity, to serve their country, their family, their children, friends, then when they grow old, we should give them a little bit of privilege. It’s not like they go in there to eat to get fatter. It’s the same. I eat all the time, but I’m not getting fat. Ah, I gained a little weight. Sometimes I eat too much, I gain a little bit of weight. When I was still practicing asceticism, when I had my hair short, meaning no hair, I was skinnier.

Since I came to Taiwan, they feed me this and that every day. Sometimes I didn’t want to eat, but they put the food in front of me. So, I sat down and ate anyway. I kept eating while thinking of whatever. I just put the food into my mouth, but didn’t know what I ate. And so, I gained weight, my body developed, but not at the right place. Luckily that up here, at the head, I still develop all the time. Because if I only developed right here, then it would be troublesome. The clothes that I designed would not fit me anymore, if I continued eating like that. Then we can’t sell the clothes to anyone, because when I wear it, it only covers half my body. If I gain weight, then the clothes only cover half my body. And the chin is growing downward until where, I don’t know. These kinds of collars they made don’t help at all. Because if I gain too much weight, this collar can’t cover anything. Sometimes my chin covered the collar even. OK, you guys go to rest, OK?

Ah, I forgot. Anyone didn’t receive the Gift yet? Raise your hands for me to see. Oh my God, where were you that you didn’t receive my Gift all this time? You let others take them all. OK, all right, I will show you, but you can’t tell anyone, OK? (Understand.) You can’t even tell me, understand? I’ll tell you a few times, then later… Not yet, not yet… Not yet. Not in a hurry. Let her translate clearly. I’ll just tell you a few times, and later, if you forget, you can ask again. The organizers will take you to some place where you can learn again. Meaning they’ll remind you again until you remember.

Remember and then recite every day. Recite the Five Names, then the Gift together. Five Names then the Gift, then Five Names then the Gift. Then no matter what [lower] level you fall into, you won’t suffer. But don’t fall to any [lower] realm, OK? If you fall, I won’t come back for you. This time, I want to go forever, I am too tired! Rest, I am going [Home] for a vacation. I’ll take a vacation for a few million years, then think about it later. It is so hard to teach the worldly people.

Because I also have a meeting after. So, I will stay with you for a while and then I have to go. I will go to eat with the elders only for a while, then I have to go attend a meeting. After that, I have a lot of work at home, which is not done yet. OK, the urgent work. Thank you. OK, today, you comrades are exuberant, right? You are not feeling discontented anymore, right? (Yes.) Building this house is helpful, because we have a place to sit and to organize.

Otherwise, I had to run back and forth before. I had to run to [the area of] the Aulacese tents, then to the Mongolian tents, then to the Korean tents. This is OK, because you can take turns to come and meditate here. This house is always open, every day. If you cannot come to meditate now, then come another day. But when you come [here] to meditate, then Auntie Hải is here, for sure 90% of the time. But coming over on other days, sometimes She is here, sometimes She runs to another place. She went to work at another place already. So, if you see Her, it’s fine. If not, it is your karma. Don’t blame Auntie Hải, OK? (Yes.) OK. Thank you all! Thank You, Master. Kitchen. Kitchen, huh? Yeah. Just bear with it, OK? I heard that if a man is asked to carry this, he will feel that he’s been mistreated. No? You won’t? (Honored.) Honored? Yes. It's a rare opportunity, right? My purse is so beautiful. No one can touch it, only you can. OK, see you.

Bye-bye! I may see you later, or tomorrow or some other time. You working staff should leave; go back to work. Your dress is so beautiful! Ah, it’s beautiful to wear Âu Lạc dress (Áo Dài), isn’t it? (Yes.) Aulacese (Vietnamese) dresses are improved now. They make a zipper at the back. Sometimes, they had some kind of small hooks for Aulacese (Vietnamese) dresses; I had to hook them together. Sometimes, they use press studs. I just managed to press them together, and the studs came out again. Or sometimes, I hooked this hook then the other hook came out! Now it’s good that they make a zipper at the back of the dress. They make a zipper at the back of the Âu Lạc dress. That is advanced! OK, I’m going now. Whoever wants to see me again, then run over there.

Thank you. Thank you very much. I make it slow. OK. Go, go, go! It doesn’t go. It might go if I restart it. Yes, it also gives me trouble. Gives me a hard time, this little car. Careful. OK. Leaving. (Thank You, Master.) I will give you Westerners more time later, another time. Today is Aulacese (Vietnamese) time. Westerners, I’ll see you later. Don’t worry, all of you chocolates. (Thank You.) (Goodbye, Master.) See you later. See you. I will give you time. Today is the Aulacese (Vietnamese) time. But I don’t forget you. The Mongolians, the Koreans, the Thai, the Cambodians, the Laos, I don’t forget you. We’ll take time. One group at a time! I love you all. God bless. Thank you. (I love You.)

(Hallo, Master.) Love you! Thank you. Thank you. Be careful, mind your feet. (Thank You, Master) Hallo! (Hallo, Master.) This car is nice. It makes me look taller. (Hallo, Master.) Convenient for all to see. Love you. (We love You.) (We love You!) Love you too. Love you too. Not many people? I better go into the kitchen, it’s so cold. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo, I will go to the kitchen soon. I will be back soon. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. Thank you, thank you. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo, everyone. Mind your feet. (Yes.) I can’t see in this car. I can’t see your feet. (Yes.) Hallo. (Good night, Master.) Hallo. (Hallo, Master.) I will go back. I will turn my car around. Oh, are you cold outside? (No.) You’ve gotten used to it? (Yes.) OK, I am going to the kitchen. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo, everyone. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (Hallo, Master, I love You.) Thank you.

(Please take care of Yourself, Master! Yes, O Master.) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (I love You, Master!) Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you very much. (Thank You, Master! Hallo, Master.) Thank you. Love you. (Hallo, Master.) Love you. I am going to the meeting. (OK.) If I have time, I’ll see you later. (Hallo, Master.) If I have time, I’ll see you again. Hey! Working staff, thank you all! Thank you.

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