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Self and Soul: From The Sanctuary of Self - Rosicrucian Order Library, Part 2 of 2



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“This idea of soul gave expression to the spiritual life of man. When he considered the soul’s subtle influences, its strange effect upon him as his better nature, his spiritual life changed accordingly. He tried to live in harmony with the feelings of the soul and with his comprehension of what he thought it was.” “The soul manifests in each of us differently, because of the psychic development of the individual, that is, his ability to react, as stated before, to the spiritual force within him. It is the ego or personality of the individual which must be perfected. As we develop and perfect our ego and inner personality, we eventually come to appreciate, comprehend and realize the soul force within us.” “In conclusion, we may liken the consciousness of man unto a pyramid. The point or apex of the pyramid represents the objective function of consciousness, with its reliance upon the limited five objective senses. What the apex of this pyramid can possibly accommodate is restricted by its limited area. On either side of the apex, we drop off into seemingly nothing, or to that which is beyond the perception of the objective sense faculties. However, as we descend the sides of the pyramid, it becomes more expansive. Finally reaching the base of the pyramid rooted in the earth, upon which it rests, we find that the earth, in contrast to the limited area of the apex, holds infinite manifestations. By this analogy, we mean that if we introvert our consciousness, turn it inward to self, we are going from the apex of the pyramid of consciousness, from the limited, objective faculties and what they reveal to us, to the essence of our being, which is unlimited and acquaints us with the infinite of the universe. The base of the pyramid represents the consciousness of self, the link with soul. It is our attunement with this vast infinite intelligence, which permits inspirations as impressions to come to us, to be interpreted by the brain consciousness as brilliant and revealing ideas. The more we devote ourselves to this base of the pyramid of consciousness — in other words, meditate upon and analyze self — the greater it becomes to us.”
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