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Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) Meets the Former Vice President of Taiwan (Formosa), Her Excellency Lu Hsiu-Lien (vegetarian), and Distinguished Guests, Part 2 of 3, June 25, 2019

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“I could only do it with the blessing of God. I could only do it because I had the chance. Many people also wanted to do it, but they didn’t have the chance. I'm doing some different job from inside. I’m taking care of Heaven’s job. I don't mind much about the world. If you take care of heavenly work well, then the world will also change. If I take good care of it inside, the world will also be affected. The priority is inside, working with Heaven. Then the world will also be OK. (But do You feel that the world will come to an end somehow?) No. (No? You don’t believe it.) Not yet. We'll be OK. Not yet. This world would end one day. Within the Three Worlds, nothing is eternal. From the highest one, which we call Brahma God, to the Second World, to the Asura World, and our world. These four worlds are not eternal. But while we are here, we can protect it. And we can persuade people in the world that if they do good deeds and get along with each other in a kind and peaceful way, the world would last longer and be more beautiful and peaceful. It all depends on what we do.” “While we are still here, we try to bring more happiness to the world and less suffering. Then they will have time to practice spiritually. If they practice, they will go to a better place when they leave the world. Whether the world ends or not, we just make sure that we do not come to an end. (First practice well.) Yes. Cultivate yourself, manage your family, govern the country, and pacify the world. Anyways… Politicians also need to practice spiritually, otherwise, we may not be able to make a clear decision. That’s why our world is so chaotic, because many politicians do not practice well. (Yes.) They did not cultivate themselves. They are not even vegetarians. Gobbling down meat and alcohol day and night. Our body and mind cannot bear it. And when the body is not healthy and the mind is not clear, we cannot do anything well. That’s how it is. That’s why ancient sages advised us to cultivate ourselves before we can govern the country. Just like the way our vice president is cultivating herself. In the Buddhist sutras, it is said that if someone comes from a noble family with fame and fortune and practices spiritually, they must be Bodhisattvas incarnate. They are not ordinary people.”
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