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From the Sacred Text of the Universal White Brotherhood: For the Glory of God, Segment I, Part 2 of 2



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Today, we will hear more fascinating principles, as well as Master Beinsa Douno’s discussion on the law of Love. “An advanced person has to have a certain inner knowledge–a presentiment for future developments. For the time being, all of you have the opportunity to be influenced by the external world. You are reflectors of the external world, but you must know that the light of others is their own light, while yours is your own light. However, if you only reflect their light, the moment it stops, you will lose it too; but if the Light is in you, you will keep it forever.” “The law of Love is the following: when a feeling of Love descends upon me it always comes from above, from Heaven and in turn I have to give something by all means. If I do not give something, I cannot manifest Love. When God, Who loves us, manifests Himself, He gives us something. Similarly, whenever we want to love God, we must also give something from ourselves. We have to sacrifice something. We have to give out our fruit, as God also wants something from us. What should we give–sweet fruit from our garden? No, we will offer fruit from the garden of our heart and bring it on a special tablet, made of gold and diamonds. Up there, at God' s place, an angel will meet us and will receive the fruit from us.” “How do you communicate with the invisible world? While you are sleeping, you should pray and think. What are your translators like? When I return to the distant past, I see that on many occasions you did not use the opportunities which you had to develop yourselves. You made such errors that you raised huge barricades in front of you. You alone, erected whole mountains in your life. Now you come across these errors. Currently you must deal with what you once did to others. That is why today, you are given favorable conditions to improve your life journey. Your present life journey is an opportunity to liquidate all contradictions that exist. You can liquidate them now. These contradictions are not big.” “In the future, people will develop their inner abilities and when one talks and sings somewhere, the sound will be transmitted through the ether to remote destinations and others will perceive it. The sound will go through the air without obstacles. For example, if you sing in Varna, your voice will be heard everywhere.”
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