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Practice diligently to usher in the New Era

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During my deep meditation in the afternoon of May 8, 2022, Mother’s Day, I saw the reappearance of an ancient virus to wreak havoc, with sudden occurrences and disasters arising endlessly here and there. Fellow initiates were gathering on the summit of a high mountain above the clouds, and a voice was saying, “One thousand people have been transported here today.”

Everyone was praying quietly for the early coming of a vegan world with long-lasting peace. The sky was filled with a fascinating sunset afterglow. I was abruptly pushed out of my body by a stream of strong power to fly toward the sky and saw an array of nine gloriously radiant suns. I was so amazed that I thought my eyes were dazzled and seeing things wrongly, but after looking at them and counting again and again, there were still nine suns hanging in the sky.

At this time, colorful spaceships of various shapes, spherical, oval, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, and dots, appeared in the sky above the mountain range where fellow initiates were meditating. Different spaceships were dropping off supplies, including all kinds of food and equipment at unloading points on the mountain range, and fellow initiates were instructed on how to use them. Fellow initiates were setting up camps in the mountains while spaceships were busy delivering initiates and all kinds of supplies. What a spectacular sight it was to see a sky filled with so many colorful spaceships!

It’s an interlace of time; it’s a dream, yet not a dream. Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai, the most compassionate in the whole Universe, for letting me experience the arrival of a unique, beautiful era belonging to a new order and morality! Each of us, the real Quan Yin Method practitioner, should grasp each and every second to practice diligently to become a qualified warrior of the new era, deserving the title of a Quan Yin practitioner. Xiu-Juan from China

Intuitive Xiu-Juan, Your message is like a breath of fresh air. We hope that your inner experience comes to pass for all sentient beings so that they may know Heaven on Earth. May you and the eloquent people of China help set the pace in embracing the vegan way of life. In Celestial guidance, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master shares Her loving thoughts with you: “Sincere Xiu-Juan, when we are more attuned to the Divine, our wisdom expands almost effortlessly. If humans remember the connection that they have with Heaven, they will be able to perceive Universal knowledge that is far beyond their imagination. Do stay focused on the Quan Yin path and always be vigilant not to get entangled in worldly temptations. May true compassion and peace permeate the vast land of China and the hearts of you and your co-citizens to welcome the Golden Era.”

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